Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stree pancharatnam at Mudhra - 10/1/2010

Mudhra organized an all-women Pancharatna kritis rendering on January 10th,2010.

I finished the Unchavruthi function at Narada Gana Sabha on the occasion of the Global GNB Centenary Celebrations and hurried to Mudhra to participate in this event.

Kudos to Mudhra Bhaskar and Dr.Radha Bhaskar for the excellent arrangements and for bringing together a large number of lady artists on this memorable occasion.

On the violin we had Dr.Narmada in the lead,on the Veena we had Mrs.Jayalakshmi Sekhar and there were three lady Mridangam artists - Smt.Rajam, Smt.Jayamangala and Kumari.Rajna Swaminathan.

The most interesting feature was that we could sing at our own pitch :-). Usually group singing of Pancharatna Kritis is at the males' pitch- therefore we end up singing in the upper and lower octaves alternatively :-).On this occasion we were definitely more at ease,singing at a pitch ideal for ladies.

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nagraj said...

Was eagerly looking forward to this post.

It sounded lovely, since it was an all ladies rendition. I entered the hall listening and was taken aback to see women percussionists playing so beautifully. Your presence was also a surprise. 'Ramyama irundhadhu'

Don't know whether you noticed it; Inspite of so many senior artistes gathered, your name was called out first during the thanks giving speech by Radha Bhaskar. Stuff gets recognised.

Wish, soon the CM fraternity places YOU at No.1 spot.