Saturday, July 14, 2007

Calling the Youth...

Dear Music Lovers,

I am introducing this new section primarily to raise a few pertinent and poignant questions regarding the growth and the future of Carnatic Music.

While there is no gainsaying that there are many youngsters taking to Carnatic Music in a big way, my query is - are they serious enough and\or can they stay away from the strong influence of the lighter versions of music which could bring them instant fame and lucre?

With music becoming more and more of a visual medium these days, serious Carnatic Music is getting relegated to a handful of its faithful audience.

However I am an optimist and am hopeful that things will turn around and also that youngsters will learn to understand and appreciate the depth, range and the varieties that Carnatic Music has to offer.

Suggestions, ideas and views regarding this are welcome.

Looking forward to your comments,