Monday, January 11, 2010

IIT MADRAS ALUMNI DAY- Jugalbandi concert - 26/12/09

Lakshmi Sriram and I presented a Carnatic-Hindustani Jugalbandi vocal concert on 26th Dec 2009 as part of the IIT Alumni Celebrations. I finished my concert at Brahma Gana Sabha earlier that evening and went for this concert at CLT inside IIT Campus.

(Photos Courtesy : Mr.C.Mohan)


Sri.Mysore Srikanth - Violin
Sri.Neyveli Skandasubramanian - Mridangam
Sri.Ravi Balasubramanian - Ghatam
Sri.Viresh Madri - Harmonium
Sri.Suresh - Tabla

The concert duration was only one hour and our concert was followed by a Flute Recital by Sri.K.Bhaskaran.

Lakshmi and I presented 4 items in this concert. Even though we sang the pieces individually, each of us joined the other while singing the AlAp and kalpanaswArams.

1. Hamsadhwani:

I sang vara vallabha ramaNA, a composition of Sri.G.N.Balasubramanian, in Adi tALa. Lakshmi sang a drut bandhish in teen tAl in the same rAga,inits Hindustani equivalent style.

2. pantuvarALi and pUryadhanasri:

This was Lakshmi's main item and she sang a madhya lay teen tAl bandish (pAyaleeya)in pUryadhanasri. I sang shambhO mahAdEva, a composition of Saint tyAgarAjA, set to rUpaka tALa.

3. madhyamAvati and madhyamat sArang:

This was the main item that I presented. Sang pAlintsu kAmAkshi, a composition of syAmA sAstri set to Adi tALa and Lakshmi followed with a composition in madhyamat sArang.


I sang the kriti rAma nAma,a composition of Sri.Thanjavur Shankara Iyer set to Adi tALa and Lakshmi wound up the concert with a tarAnA in dEsh.


Sathej said...

Was a short and nice concert. And it was a nice occasion. Felt very nice to hear you at the CLT.


Erode Nagaraj... said...

great.. also the unchavruthi photos were nice...

Gayathri Girish said...

Thanks :-)

I will be posting today about the unchavruthi program in detail.