Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Navarathri Kolu 2012 - (Part 3 of 3)


This refers to the worship of Lord Muruga.

Lord Muruga on the peacock mount:

Lord Muruga's yantra on the elephant mount:

Kataragama or Kadirkaamam temple in Srilanka:

The festivals and daily rituals do not adhere to standard Hindu Agamas or Buddhist rituals. It follows the ancient Vedda traditions of worship.

The main festival known in the Sinhalese language as Esela Perehera. It is celebrated during the months of July and August. When the main festival begins, the Yantra representing the deity is retrieved from its storage location and paraded through a street on top of an Elephant and carried to the Valli shrine.

Also seen in the picture are the traditional folk dances of "Kavadi" and "Karagaattam" .

Lord Muruga on the Airavatham elephant Mount:

In Swamimalai, Tamilnadu, legend says that Lord Indira, after his worship, left his elephant Airavatham for Lord Muruga's use as His mount.

Folk dances and Nadhaswara concerts take place in the temple during the procession.

Devotees are offered lunch at the temple:

Vegetable vendors outside the temple during the festival:


An overview of Vaishnavam:

Lord Guruvayurappan on the elephant mount:

The "Poosam" festival during the Masi month is very famous in Guruvaayur. The Lord is taken on the decorated elephant.
Also seen in the picture is a wedding happening at the temple..

Andal on chariot mount:

The "Aadi pooram" festival at Srivillipuththur, Tamilnadu is very famous, wherein Andal is taken on procession on a chariot.

Lord Vishnu on the Garuda mount:

The famous "Garuda Sevai" as part of the Tirupati Brahmotsavam.

Lord Ayyappan on the tiger mount:

Devotees perform the "Ayyappan Puja".

Lord Vishnu on different mounts during the Tirupati Brahmotsavam:

On each day of the Brahmotsavam festival at Tirupati, the Lord comes on procession on different "vaahanaas" like the Hanumath vaahana, Suryaprabha vaahana, Chandraprabha vaahanaa, Ashwa vaahana, Sesha vaahana etc.

Lord Hanuman on camel mount:

A very rare camel mount for Lord Hanuman at a temple in Andhrapradesh.

Lord Vishnu on Garuda mount:

Lord Ranganatha as "Azhagiya manavaaLar", procession on Garuda.

Lord Vishnu on horse mount:

The famous "Chiththirai Tiruvizha" in Madurai, wherein Lord Vishnu comes on the horse mount and Meenakshi Kalyanam is celebrated in the temple on the same day.

Handicrafts made for Navarathri:

Navarathri Kolu 2012 - (Part 2 of 3)

An overview of the theme:


This refers to the worship of Shakti or Devi.

Ayurdevi on the swan mount:

Seated on a Siddha swan (anna vaahanam) on a base of Siddha lions (simha peetam), the blissful Mother offers a seat (kara peetam) to nine great Siddhas in eight of Her nine divine hands.

The nine Siddhas (to whom Mother Ayur Devi gave kara peetam, i.e., a seat on Her Hands) are:
1. Mother's top right hand - Gayaasura Maharishi
2. Mother's second right hand - Aani Maandavya Maharishi
3. Mother's third right hand - Atri Maharishi
4. Mother's fourth right hand - Kundalini Maharishi
5. Mother's top left hand - Ahir Puthnya Maharishi
6. Mother's second left hand - Saaramaa Munivar
7. Mother's third left hand - Astheeka Siddha
8, 9. Mother's fourth left hand - Gaargini Devi and Samvartha Maharishi in a consecrated amrutham pot Mother's ninth hand - Held in the Fear Not (abhaya hastham) posture, the Mother looks after all beings with this protective gesture.

The other deities and siddhas are - Suvaarosisha Maharishi as the Swan vehicle (anna vaahanam) and Manu Prajapatis as the Lion peetam.

Goddess Kamakshi on the golden chariot:

The famous procession that is held in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu, wherein the Goddess is taken in procession on the golden chariot. The Kanchi Acharyas are also depicted.

Goddess Bhagavathi on the elephant mount:

The "Trissur Pooram" festival is very famous wherein the Bhagavathi Amman is taken in procession on beautifully decorated elephants..

This festival is very popular in Kerala.

Goddess Chamundi on the elephant mount:

Mysore is very famous for the yearly Dussera festival, wherein the Goddess is taken on procession on elephants. This is a very colourful and happy event that takes place in Mysore. The Mysore Maharaja also takes part in the procession.

Goddess Lakshmi on the elephant mount and Vaarahi on the buffalo mount:

Maha Varahi is a symbol of purity, peace and prosperity.  She emerged from the Ankusam (weapon) of Devi Sri Lalitha Parameshwari.  She is the commander of the battalion of Sri RajaRajeshwari.  Maha Varahi is one of the "saptha maathrukaas" or seven divine mothers. 



This refers to the worship of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva on procession as Somaskanda:

Lord Bhairava on the dog mount:

Lord Shiva on the Rishabha Vaahana:

This procession is very famous at the Kapaaleeshwara temple, Mylapore, Chennai.

Lord Shiva is taken on procession on the Rishabha or bull. Also seen in the picture are a lady who sells vegetables on a cart on the street and a lady who puts the "Kolam" on the streets before the Lord comes on procession.

The Float festival:

(To be continued....)