Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The centennial celebrations of Sri G.N.Balasubramanian(GNB)[Jan 6th,1910-May 1st,1965], have kicked off to a flying start and the entire Carnatic music fraternity from all over the world has come together in unison to pay their respects and revel in his exotic renderings.
That he was a superb musician is pretty much like stating the obvious.

A deep resonant voice, a charismatic stage presence and a great command over any Raga are some of the highlights of his presentations.His captivating tukkadas, as opposed to some scholarly RTPs embellished with graha bhedAs, swara rAgamAlikAs
left both the cynical critic and the laymen dumbfounded.

Of course these are stories I've heard,from various people who have had the privilege of having heard him "live"!! This is when i get wistful and wish I had a time-machine that I could use, to attend at least one concert of his....

Those super speed brighas that so very easily get transformed into endearingly soft phrases have often left me amazed and stunned. All I can do now is pay my obeisance to the Maestro and find solace in the fact that I am pursuing just what he and I share the same passion for - music !!

The Britishers are often heard saying- The King is gone but Long Live the King- that's how I feel too.

My heartfelt Pranams to you, Sir....


nagraj said...

Long live GNB

Well constructed ode


Suresh V said...

Which Britishers are saying that? May be better to avoid them. They haven't had a King in the past few decades :-)