Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chennai Sangamam 2010 - 12/1/2010

Venue : Ashok Nagar Park, Chennai


Sri.V.V.S.Murari - Violin
Sri.R.Sankaranarayanan - Mridangam

There was a very good crowd and it was heartening to see people listening to the concert in rapt attention.


Sathej said...

Nice pictures those, liked them :)


Anonymous said...

I had a misgiving that the ambience prevailing there may not be encouraging for carnatic music.You have dispelled the same. I am very happy that there is a good crowd .But I was interested to know the songs you sang.

nagraj said...

What an experience it was to attend a carnatic concert in the festivity mood! Amazing sensible crowd, from different walks of life and background. There was a dance programme prior to this concert and it was followed by oyilattam / karagattam. Nobody walked out during the concert; contrary to my assumption, many got added. People pouring in as families, friends, school children... from nearby areas(no hassles for them to travel long, no need to beat traffic, pay exhorbitant entry fee in sabhas etc.)Then, I realised that, people like to taste all sorts of art form and given a chance, they enjoy it to the core. I admit, my notion that only select section of the society listen to CM was proved wrong.

GG sang the common numbers, a list cut out for the occasion and there lies the trick to reach different sections of the society. Audio sounded good for an open air concert.

As a rasika, Can you imagine a CM conert sitting in a park lawn with sundal, soup, munchies / crunchies, balloon? And for the artistes, no critics sitting in the front row to fail you.

When both the artist and the rasikas are relaxed fantastic music flows! They both enjoyed it(me too)

How come otherwise!