Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Navarathri Kolu 2015 (Part 2 of 2)

Apart from the main theme based on Devi Mahatmyam, scenes from Ramlila and Krishnalila have been depicted.

We have also displayed a huge Miniature and Fairy Garden, to depict that Devi is Omnipresent and is the Cause for the Creation of the Entire Universe.

The victory of Lord Rama over Ravana is widely celebrated in North India during Dussera, as Ramlila.

Scenes from the Ramayana have been depicted:





The overall theme, with displays from Devi Mahatmyam, Ramayana and Navadurga dolls.

Navadurga Dolls - depicted as per the method of worship on each day of Navarathri.

The different kolams and decorations done on each day of the Kolu:

(All are hand-made decorations)

Scenes from Krishnalila :

Mannargudi Rajagopala Swamy

Lord Krishna's GeethOpadesham to Arjuna:

Other dolls:


(Vinayaka on Anna Vahanam and other Navagraha dolls)

(Folk dances of India - Hand made dolls)

(Women at work - Hand made dolls)


(The different costume styles indicate the states to which the ladies belong)

(Women from Different states of India, at work)

We also had a Miniature and Fairy garden on display this year:

(Real plants of different varieties and their accessories on display)

(Glass Terrarium as part of the Miniature Garden Display)

(Miniature and fairy gardens in different parts of the world)

 (Accessories used in a garden)

(Shakambari Alankaram for Devi)
(Shakambari - The Bearer of the Greens, One who wears Vegetables and vegan food)

(Birthday Celebrations in the Miniature Garden)

(The famous Angkor wat temple in Cambodia and the Miniature Gardens)

(People from different countries visiting the Angkor wat temple)

(Organic vegetables and fruits sold in the garden)

(Grains and pulses being sold in the garden)

(Krishna and Gopis in the Miniature Garden at Brindavan)

(Cactus plants on display)

(Bala Tripura Sundari and in front of her are the accessories used in villages)

(Accessories used in villages)

(Fairy castle and miniature chairs and tables in the garden)

Theme based:
(Beauty and the Beast - Fairy Garden)

(Jungle Book gardens and forest)

(Miniature Garden - Disneyland. Miniature dolls and a miniature bicycle displayed)

(Fairy garden made out of a broken pot - a fairy lives in a small house, a small ladder, a chair and a miniature swing have been hand-made and displayed)

(Malaysian Twin Towers and Miniature Gardens)

(Ladies from different states of India)

(Devi made out of wax and Devi made out of paddy)

(Activities in a field after crop produce and a vegetable vendor seen)

("Vegetable wedding")