Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Hindu- Dated 23/12/08

Here is a review of the concert held under the auspices of Music Academy,Chennai on 18/12/08:
(This appeared in the Hindu dated 23/12/08.)


Anonymous said...

A decent and good concert over all. What am I to say further?

Anonymous said...

It was not an ordinary concert.

It was indeed a special concert of class, prepared to be performed at the Mecca of Carnatic Music. Imagine the amount of preparation in detail and homework that must have gone behind for making this happen. Definitely, a mammoth effort indeed. Connoisseurs of CM who got assembled for the evening must have felt elated.

For instance, it was like walking on razor's edge, singing that ragamalika, which had so many twists and turns; ragas adding one after the other like driving down a hill having ennumber of hairpin bends, ups and downs; where certain turns and roads emerge suddenly, unannounced. What a smooth journey it was! A thrilling experience.

It was a good team. Because, for these types of special concerts you need to strike a good wave length among the artists performing. I have seen Mr. Ganeshprasad and Poongulam Sir accompanying GG Ma'm on many occasions. And Mr. Murali also glued well. The combination paid off very well.

A performance that is unparalleled and will remain as talk of the town for a long time.

We rasikas, were previleged to be listening to such an unique, classic concert.


pushkala said...

Congratulations on the fabulous review and thanks for sharing.