Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Music Forum - 29.12.08

Music Forum, Chennai, is a well known organization which has been regularly organizing innovative and thought-provoking panel discussions and Lecture Demonstrations.

I heard from a friend and also through an email from the forum that there was going to be an interactive session with kids of present-day musicians as participants, on the 29th of December.

The topic seemed to be "What does Carnatic Music mean to me?" and each child was supposed to talk on stage.

Yesterday morning, I asked my daughter Vishruthi if she would be interested to go and see how other kids were going to talk. She was very eager and hence both of us went to Ragasudha Hall, Luz.

When we reached, we saw Subhiksha Rangarajan (singer Lakshmi Rangarajan's daughter)talking. Sudha Raghunathan's daughter Malavika was the anchor person.

After that,Ghatam Karthick's son Sarvesh spoke a bit and played on the Mridangam.

One of the organizers Mrs.Usha suddenly came up to Vishruthi and asked if she would speak a little and sing a song ! The kid was taken aback for a minute and didn't know whether to say Yes or No !

Then I asked her to go and speak whatever she felt like and also sing any song of her choice.

Her turn came in the next five minutes and this was how she began :

" I am Vishruthi Girish, daughter of singer Gayathri Girish, I study in class 5 in Bala Vidya Mandir, Adyar. I came here with my mother to see the other kids talk and suddenly people here have asked me to come on stage to talk and sing " !! And all of us burst out laughing !!

She spoke for about 3-4 minutes and then sang Seethamma Mayamma in Ragam Vasantha.

After this came the question-answer session. Someone there asked her who her favourite actor was. And she said "Shahrukh Khan " !!

Next, Ghatam Karthick (who was among the audience)asked her, "What will you tell your mother after a very successful concert of hers?" She said," I will congratulate her."
Next he asked her,"Suppose your mother had a very bad concert, what will you ask her after the concert?"

(I was wondering what would be her reply.)
There came her prompt answer;" Nothing, because my mother never sings badly !!" :-)

(I told myself: Wow ! The kid indeed knows how to give a diplomatic answer !!)

There was a big round of applause for this answer!

At the end of the program, all kids stood together for a group photo:

(Standing from L to R:)
Vishruthi,Anirudh(son of Mridangist J.Balaji),Sarvesh(son of Ghatam Karthick),Srihari(son of violinist Vittal Ramamurthy),Subhiksha Rangarajan(daughter of singer Lakshmi Rangarajan), Malavika(daughter of Sudha Raghunathan),Kalasri(daughter of violinist Vittal Ramamurthy).


ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman) said...

Interesting one read!
I hope the kids spoke in தமிழ்! :-)

Sathej said...

That was a nice idea! Too bad I wasn't aware of it:(..so cute of your daughter. My best wishes to her.

Gayathri Girish said...

விஷ்ருதி அனேகமாக தமிழில்தான் பேசினாள் ! With English words interspersed in between :-)


pushkala said...

Congratulations to Vishruthi, Kids give spontaneous responses, and it is a good forum for kids to express themselves and gain self confidence. I Commend you for taking her and encouraging her. Our best wishes to vishrithi..

preeya said...

My best wishes to Vishruthi. nice to know more about her too. i am sure she too would shine in the field of carnatic music like her mother !!

Anonymous said...


One comment of yours, I am not in agreement. Kids speak from their heart, so I am sure, its not diplomatic answer.

One chocolate on my behalf of me to be given, please.

And, kudos to you for giving an exposure to be with children of other celebrs - they learn where they stand, and better their etiquette. I appreciate this.

Hari Om
Kam' Sharma

Anonymous said...

children do not lie

In everybody lives a child and all will unanimously accept it one day, sooner


Erode Nagaraj... said...

விஷ்ருதிக்கு வாழ்த்துகள், உங்களுக்கும். :)

Gayathri Girish said...

திரு நாகராஜ் அவர்களே !

மிக்க நன்றி :-)
Thanks for visiting the blog :-)