Saturday, December 6, 2008

Concert with Tavil accompaniment-5.12.08

I am posting this after finishing my concert today (actually yesterday, because its already 1.05 a.m now!!)at Meenakshi College,Kodambakkam. This was my first concert at this year's December Music Season.

We (Ganeshprasad on violin, Ganapathiraman on mridangam and Adambakkam Shankar on Ghatam and myself) were fortunate to have had Padmasri Vidwan.Haridwaramangalam.Sri.Palanivel performing with us on stage.

I am not going to write about what I sang at this concert.I am just going to share with all of you the kind of atmosphere that prevailed on stage during the concert. I must say that it is a totally different experience to sing with the Tavil. What different patterns he gave while playing for each song ! I really enjoyed whatever I sang.

Sri.Palanivel is an artiste who has had years and years of experience in this percussion form and he kept encouraging all of us throughout the concert.All of us were enjoying each others' singing/playing and on the whole, the atmosphere that was created was very pleasant. I strongly believe that this kind of camaraderie and teamwork plays a vital role in the success of any concert.


Sathej said...

Was a nice concert. True - the camaraderishp is a vital factor. We remember cretain teams for their unforgettable performances even today like GNB-Lalgudi-Palani and BMK-MSG-UKS just for this :)

Anonymous said...

Seems Sathej is lucky to witness this....Hope somebody has recorded it for us to listen on our iPod!


Padma said...

Hey seems to be an interesting combo..Sathej has already reviewed at and from his response its clear it was really good concert..Keep it going Ma'm.. all the best once again..

SAI<=>MUSIC said...

Well...This day is important to me too as my association with Mam as a person(apart from artiste) began.I have been listening to mam from those days when Doordarshan use to have a programme called Isai AAru and she use to sing 'Kurai Ondrum illai' and since then I ve grown up on the music of Gayathri Girish also amidst a host of others. I might heve been unfortunate to have missed this one-of-its-kind concerts but I did not miss the 10 o clock FM gold concert where Natakapriya was so well-rendered. I was taken to some height. Kudos....

Gayathri Girish said...

Thanks Padma.In fact, we gave a similar program last December at the same venue.And this combination has been liked by many.

By God's grace,it has been a good beginning to the season.I hope to have successful days ahead:-)

And,the recording of the concert that I got done for myself did not come out properly :-(. I have to enquire if I can get another copy. If I do, I shall definitely put up a sample on the blog soon.