Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mail from a music lover...

I got a mail today from a Rasika, Mr.Nagraj, saying that he wanted to post a comment here regarding my concert that took place on 5th Dec,2008.

Since the file size is a bit too large to be posted as a comment, he apparently had problems uploading it and hence requested me to put it up as a separate post.
So, here it goes:
The very courage GG had, to team up with Thavil maestro Padmashri Haridwaramangalam Shri. AK Palanivel for her concert on 05 Dec 2008, needs special appreciation. Because, not many dare to take the road less traveled. Also, when not many male artists take this kind of a risk, with her melodious voice, GG has performed alongwith HAKP for the second consecutive year at the same venue.

Before GG and the co-artists took the stage(her home ground), there was an element of doubt for an elderly, well-learned person (Mama) sitting behind me, whether this combination would work out. Also, he said, ‘This lady has improved a lot consistently in the last 4 – 5 years and is silently marching towards the number one slot’.

The way GG took the center stage with confidence and poise, well-dressed in contrast to the stage backdrop, it did indicate what was in store for the next 3 hours. She drew the attention of the audience with popular ‘ Sri Maha Ganapathim’ in Gowla, followed by another familiar ‘Swaminatha Paripalaya’. By then, the battle with the audio system and balancing act was over and the audience were grooved in to the concert.

Then, she hooked on the audience further with ‘janarajagamana’ “Swagatham Krishna” in Mohanam. Ganapathiraman’s gumuki on Mrudhangam came to special soothing effect to create perfect mood for the song. Racy phrases were rightly addressed by HAKP.

It was ‘Saamaja vara gamana’ in Hindolam, (made to reach common man through the famous film “Shankarabharanam’), where GG traversed through the upper and lower octaves with sheer beauty in the alapana section. There were outstanding cohesive laya patterns framed by the percussionists, including Adambakkam Shankar on Ghatam, that made the song very appealing. Moods of violin were well brought out by Shri. Ganeshprasad. And, GG went on to bring out the emotional / aesthetic beauty in the line‘ Vedasiro…’. Swara patterns were good and HAKP encouraged well to bring out the best of manodharma in the artist.

Emani pogadura Srirama, in Veeravasantham was a small piece that made a good filler before the main item. Percussion followed the sahityam beautifully.

Main piece of the evening was, ‘Bala Gopala Palaya Sumam’ in Bhairavi. GG effortlessly touched both the low and high notes, to paint the raga beautifully. Here, a special mention needs to be made on HAKP’s following the sahityam and swaras closely. With perfect anticipation, he clearly marked start / end of phrases and that was a beauty. Thani avarthanam was deferred.

Seethamma Mayamma in vasantha was fast paced and good to listen.

Then we realized that a Ragam Thanam Pallavi ‘Kalaimagalin Thiruppadam dhinamum ninai’ was in store. It was constructed in Saraswathi followed by Ragamalika in Hamsadhwani, Vagadeeswari and Hamsanadham that was worth listening. Special laya patterns were played by HAKP & group during the extended ‘thani’ that brought the thunders down.
‘Ponnar Meniyane’ in Kurinchi is generally a hit among GG’s audience. In fact, in one of the GG’s reviews in a Tamil daily last year, the title itself was ‘Ponnar meniyane’ and it spoke so much about the emotional content pitched in

To end the concert, it was a thillana in Hamsanandhi which left the audience asking for more. But the three hours were over by then and it was 9.15 p.m. It was a good, learned, responsive, appreciative audience and therefore, the outcome was also good.

Sincerely, I opine that this novel idea of singing with thavil deserves better accolades. But to have a good reach, GG needs a better platform, better Sabha with mass exposure.

Don’t know, why such special concerts do not get much of the attention of the media and critics. It was nice to see GG in full form and I am sure she has a very good season ahead. Wish her all the very best.




preeya said...

thanks Gayathri for sharing this mail of mr.Nagraj. especially very happy to read one mama's comment.

you will surely reach the number one slot and will soon get everything due to you by god's grace. patience and perseverance always bears the sweetest fruit !! keep up the good work ! and also to add, the best thing about you is your humility and the emotional appeal which shows in your voice. all the best.

Ananth said...

Hi All
I am not a 'music critic' but can definitely say a 'music lover'. Thanks to my work schedule and the the traffic, I could reach the concert hall when GG was about to start Seethamma Mayamma. After reading Nagraj's mail, I realised what I have missed. On a normal day, I would have given a skip to the programme. But like everyone else, I was also curious to know how a Thavil could team up with a a female artist. "Marvellous" would be the least that I can say and the credit goes to both GG and KAKP. The 'Thani'by HAKP and group was a class by itself.
I was hearing to viwer's comments in Aaha FM today on how to popularise carnatic music or why people are not flocking to these programmes. May be after these unusual experiments, more people will turn to carnatic music concerts

Anonymous said...

Many a thank to Mr Nagaraj for taking non-Chennaites through this program.....

And Many a thank to GG & HAKP for such a good performance.

May your tribe increase.....

Hari Om

Venkat Priya said...

Dear GG,

We have very badly missed this concert. Thanks to Mr.Nagaraj for his good write-up which really took us thru the concert and kindled the urge to look forward to the next one. All the very best.

PS: Mr.Nagarj has all nice qualities of becoming a good music critic. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see good reviews about this concert and the other concerts of the season in the print media, which are posted seperately by the blog author.