Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dinathandhi-Daily Newspaper Dated 12/12/08

A review of my concert at Meenakshi College on 5th December,2008, appeared in the Dinathandhi daily on the 12th December.
I have scanned it and I am publishing it here.


preeya said...

Very happy to read ur reviews ib the media. keep up the excellent work Gayathri! looking forward to more reviews of yours !!

priya ram

K.Kannan said...

the review is exceedingly good, except for a wrong grading that you are in the first 10. i will grade you the first in the list of young singers and among the first 5singers in my all time favorites, in team with MLV, Madurai Mani, Maharajapuram Santhanam and M.S and !

pushkala said...

I hope we can listen to snippets of this wonderful performance! I visited Sri Palanivel's website ( and learnt about the artist. It is great you are setting new trend s and experimenting within the bounds of tradition! All the very best from rasikas!