Friday, December 19, 2008

Music Academy - 18.12.08

B.U.Ganeshprasad - Violin
Poongulam Subramaniam - Mridangam
Madipakkam Murali - Ghatam

Song List: (R-Raga Alapana,N-Neraval,S-Kalpanaswaram,T-Tani Avarthanam)

1.Varnam- Sahana-Adi-Tiruvatriyur Tyagayyar
2.Sri Madhurapuri- Bilahari-Rupakam-Muthuswami Dikshitar
3.Nee Chithamu- Dhanyasi-Misra Chapu-Tyagarajar (R,S)
4.Antharanga Bhakthi- Shadvidhamargini-Adi-Koteeswara Iyer
5.Pranathaarthihara- Melaragamalika -First two chakras-Adi-Maha Vaidyanatha Sivan
6.Sudhamayi-Amruthavarshini-Rupakam-Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar (N)
7.Koniyaadina Napai-Kambhoji-Adi-Veenai Kuppier (R,N,S,T)
8.Thunai Purindharul- Varamu-Adi-Papanasam Sivan
9.RTP-Shanmukhapriya- Misra Triputa (R,N,S)
10.Nath Hare-Ahirbhairavi-Adi-Jayadevar Ashtapathi
11.Irakkam Varamal-Behag-Rupakam-Gopalakrishna Bharathi

In this concert,I particularly liked Poongulam Subramaniam's playing for the Misra Chapu Krithi Nee Chithamu and the main Krithi Koniyaadina Naapai.


Sathej said...

A magnum opus Krithi - the Kambhoji one..very nice effort :) And the Melaragamalika was good as well.

Lion Man said...

hi, i didn't attend the academy concert but the review in forum is good, in fact all reviews in this season have been good for you so far, so keep it up, good work.

Will hear you in one of the days to come and give you my comments.

ask your personal concert photographer to click more shots so that you can post the best. in the latest 2 photos one of the accompanists is missing.


Gayathri Girish said...

Yeah, the photos in the last two concerts were not the best.I didn't want to delay posting about these concerts, hence used the one that I got immediately.Will try and see if I can get better photos of the same concerts.


pushkala said...

Looks amazing pieces. I always learn something new from your postings. I should admit I was not aware of Maha Vaidhyanatha Sivan's works and his life. I have been reading up on him for few hours. Now I want to listen to your rendition of melaragamalika :)

I am eagerly waiting for charsur to release the Dec season CD. I contacted them a while ago and they mentioned they will release MA concerts. I cannot wait to listen to your concert.

Padma said...

Hey its really great to see you posting even during this time of the year...The academy list looks really impressive and rasikas have already given a thumbs up to this concert in going...all the best for the other concerts..

SD said...


DO u by any chance have email of Poongulam.


Gayathri Girish said...


His email id is:

Gayathri Girish