Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Concert Review in Hindu

Tyagaraja Aradhana Concert on 21st of January under the auspices of Mylapore Fine Arts :

You can go the following link to see a review of the above concert in the Hindu paper dated 5th February,2010:


Srinivas said...

Hello ma'm,
I am a great fan of your music and I feel that nobody other than you maintains such a lot of classicism and sowkhyam as you do. I am sure you will reach the greatest of heights in this vast arena of Carnatic Music. The way you maintain and update your blog shows your perfection. No other artiste bothers to record their schedules and concert lists periodically and patiently. Kudos to you for that!!
I heard your radio concert(consisting of a superb dharmavathi, a fine todi, darbar and shankarabharanam) that was uploaded to Sangeethapriya recently. The short concert was absolutely fantastic and I wish to congratulate you. Excellent keeping up of time and choosing the best ragas and kritis are your plus points. I also adore your selection of songs. You always present the perfect concert. I read your review in the Hindu also. I was elated that you received very good remarks from SVK,an expert reviewer.


Gayathri Girish said...

Thanks :-)