Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oscar Nomination for Bombay Jayashri

85th Annual Academy Awards : Carnatic Vocalist and playback singer Bombay Jayashri has been nominated in the "Best Original Song Category" for the lyrics of the lullaby that she has penned in the movie "Life of Pi". The song is in Tamizh and has been beautifully sung by Jayashri.

We are indeed proud that one of our colleagues has been nominated for such a prestigious award.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for the results to be announced on February 25th, 2013 !


priya ram said...

Indeed it is good to know that a carnatic vocalist has been nominated for "prestigious" oscars. I hope carnatic music gets worldwide recognition......but i would be sad and already am sad that this award does not see an exodus of carnatic musicians from the divine carnatic music field to the world of film music as playback singers. God is the greatest award. So i hope carnatic musicians sing for God alone. Awards and titles are just bonuses. So let this divine art of carnatic music live long. This needs the dedication and commitment of carnatic musicians to stick to singing glories of God alone. With due respect to Smt. Bombay Jayashri whose song madhava madhava deva in neelambari i really love, i was pained on listening to her vaseegara. God is the greatest award. He gives Himself. Prestigious ? well thats for the singer to decide........long live carnatic music.

Anonymous said...

Is it for the lyrics or for the song as a whole?However I am happy that a Carnatic artist has been nominated for such a prestigious award.

Anonymous said...

Since it is a copy of an existing song Omana thingal, she cannot win the prize. It is already in Oscar circles in Los Angeles. If she has given credit she could have had a chance. she is very arrogant along with T M Krishna and are a disgrace to carnatic tradition.

Gayathri Girish said...

I am afraid this is neither the place nor the occasion to discuss personal traits. Let us put aside personal prejudices and take pride in the fact that someone from the Carnatic world has come very close to winning the coveted Oscar award.

This truly typifies what I have always believed and said- that music has no boundaries, music is divine in any form that it is presented in, and also, that true appreciation of talent has to be commended. Let me reiterate- fingers crossed for Bombay Jayashri !!

Murali Narayanabhatla said...

Good moderation! That again shows your maturity. God bless good music.