Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Abhishek Raghuram at Narada Gana Sabha - 31.12.2012

[Even though I am writing about yesterday's concert, since this post comes past midnight, I would first like to wish one and all a very Happy 2013 :-)]

What a wonderful way to end the year 2012 !!

Abhishek gave a wonderful concert at Narada Gana Sabha on the 31st of December 2012 (last evening) and the Sindhubhairavi that I heard from him just 3 hours ago is still ringing in my ears.

His co-artistes for the evening were Mysore Srikanth on the violin and Anantha.R.Krishnan on the Mridangam.

He began with a sedate rendering of Alarulu Guriyaga (Shankarabharanam), a composition of Annamacharya and straightaway embarked into a beautiful Alapana of Bhairavi. Wonderful phrases, kaarvais and a nice tempo for the Kriti Janani Mamava of Maharaja Swati Tirunal. Then came the wonderful neraval for this Kriti and I immensely liked Srikanth's playing of the neraval.  The thing I like most about Anantha.R.Krishnan's playing is that he gives a lot of variety in his playing.

The understanding on stage between Abhishek and Anantha.R.Krishnan is always a treat to watch :-)
After the Tani, Abhishek sang a beautiful, crisp Alapana of Naganandini. How easily and effortlessly he glides over the swaras in each Ragam that he takes up !

Another thing that I like about Abhishek's music is that it has a lot of freshness in it and ideas keep gushing out from his heart. He has a very different approach and this is an aspect that I personally like a lot. A gifted and extremely creative artist indeed...

 After Sattaleni in Naganandini came the leisurely exposition of Sindubhairavi. Enjoyed every bit of it, be it the alapana, tanam or pallavi.  Difficult for me to write more, I would rather just sit in silence and enjoy the concert experience that is still fresh in my mind.

Thanks to Abhishek for the wonderful concert. May God Almighty bless him with many more wonderful years of music, good health and cheer.    


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Murali Narayanabhatla said...

Following your review on your blog, I made it a point to attend Abhishek Raghuram's concert at Keyes High School, Hyderabad yesterday.

Hyderabad stunned by Abhishek Raghuram. And whatever you said is true. He is a gifted and creative artist. The gamakams were just flowing.

Jayaamani Narsiman said: "If you sing, one should sing like or else don't sing". One senior professor said: "Telugu people are not able to sing Telugu songs with such clarity." Hyderabad Sisters asked him what is his age and immediately said he sang like a 100 year old veteran. I saw one 70 year old person putting "Namaskaram". It was not Saashtanga pranaamam because the stage was cramped.

Personally I liked his creative approach.

Thanks for pointing out about him on your blog.