Thursday, April 8, 2010

Studio Recordings

Yesterday was one of those hectic days for me at a studio, finishing a CD recording of mine.

There are two reasons for writing this short note now:

Yesterday I actually wanted to write about the studio experiences as soon as I got home from studio,but then it was 7.30 p.m when I got home and after dinner, kids were ready with their Scrabble and Monopoly games and I had to settle down with them for a few games of Monopoly :-). Hence I decided to pen it down now.

And then, it was such a coincidence when I saw Haritha's comment last evening regarding a recording of mine. (You can see this comment at the end of my previous post). This prompted me even more,to write it now.

Wearing headphones and singing in a studio, with the air conditioners and fans switched off is no fun !

And that's not all..On some days, we would go all the way to the studio and the engineer would say that the voice is not up to the mark, or sometimes the dynamics in the voice would be slightly different and hence the recording would actually not take place.

Enunciation of lyrics again has to be tactfully done over the studio mikes which are really powerful. Particularly for a person like me who is always cautious about the "Pha"'s, "Bha"'s, "Tha"'s, to sing these syllables with just the right amount of accent and emphasis is indeed a challenge :-)

An entire day at the studio, trying to get all the audio levels right and aiming for 100% musical perfection can really be physically tiring.


After all the hard work and the long days of work at studio as mentioned above, when the artist listens to the final product, the satisfaction that the artist gets is something overwhelming.

More importantly, when listeners enjoy the music, when our music brings happiness and makes others forget their worries, the feeling of contentment to the artist is something very special.

This is the greatest reward that an artist could get, for all the hard work, for the heart and soul put into music !


Sathej said...

Its indeed a satisfying feeling for a performing artiste to read a comment like that, more so, at the end of a tiring day ! A recording studio presents its own challenges, I now understand. To me, listening to a live concert with all the surprises, spontaneity and such has always been inviting more than recordings. But I now realize the inherent challenges in a recording. Uniformly perfect voice quality, perfection in diction, lyrical enunciation, takes and re-takes, no fans (really!? wonder how would it be in this summer !!), the powerful mike that picks up even minute variations - all add up to a daunting task indeed ! And when someone writes in with a sincere appreciation, it is indeed very gratifying. One of the most pleasing moments in life is when someone tells that something you did made a difference to them !



Vasudha Ravi said...

awesome and very very true!!!! really loving the way u've put it across! Hatss Off!

SAI<=>MUSIC said...

Just catching up all the old blogs mam!! Awesome!!:)

This one about the recordings especially!!!

Dhivyaraja Mazan said...

Exact words Mam...Every singer will surely feel like this..