Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tyagaraja Aradhana at Tiruvaiyaru-15.1.09

The 162nd Aradhana of Saint Tyagaraja held at Tiruvaiyaru was very special to me - because I got to compere (live) from there, about the Aradhana !

I gave a brief introduction about the Aradhana for about 2.5 minutes in English, immediately followed by a 2.5 minute version in Tamil. This was broadcast live on AIR and telecast live on DD-Podhigai, just before the live relay of the Nadaswaram recital and Pancharatna Kriti renditions.

This was an out-of-the-world experience for me !!

I was asked to be at the venue by 7 a.m.(the live started at 8.25 a.m).
I stood under the Pandal, where the usual concerts take place (opposite the Saint's Samadhi) and audio balancing, camera positioning etc were done.

Around 8 a.m, all Vidwans started assembling there for the group rendition of the Pancharathna Krithis and the Nadaswara Vidwans also started playing. Soon after,the Unchavruthi procession got over. The TV crew signalled to me that I had to start in exactly three minutes !

The wonderful music from the Nadaswaram continued and I realized that I had to mentally "switch off" from that and concentrate on my speech.

Standing under the Pandal in that pious atmosphere and giving a speech that was watched live all over the world, were indeed very special moments for me.

After this, I joined the other musicians to render the Pancharatna Kritis.

15.1.09 - 8.25 a.m to 8.30 a.m - An occasion for me to remember forever !!


Sathej said...

Nice recollections. Yes, the atmosphere would have been great. Such moments in life are indeed to be treasured and we would be recollecting them with nostalgia years down the line.

preeya said...

Hi Gayathri,

i always wanted to know how poeple feel when they attend this aradhana and am happy that you have shared this experience with us. i have a wish to attend too, lets see....also was glad to see you at the aradhana on television. hope to see more of you !

Anonymous said...

Many things come your way because not only are you multi talented but blessed too.

Not to wonder if somebody hosts a 'pattimandram' to debate whether GG is good at singing or writing or compering or ... (hope there any many other faces that we have not seen and which you have not yet unearthed)


Anonymous said...

I saw your post reg.Thiagaraja aradhana at Thiruvaiyaru.Can you pl enlighten me why "Sethulara" is being played on the flute before the Pancharathna kritis. Is it only a convention or any significance attached to the same.

Gayathri Girish said...

Flautists playing the kriti chEtulAra in raga bhairavi, preceding the group rendering of the pancaratna kritis started only as a convention,probably in 1940, when the tyAga brahma mahOtsava sabhA was formed at tiruvaiyAru, with Musiri Sri.Subramanya Iyer as the first Secretary of the sabhA.

Every year since then, flautists have been following this convention at the ArAdhanA.