Saturday, January 24, 2009

God's Little Creations

While travelling by Shatabdi Express yesterday to Bangalore for a concert at BTM Cultural Academy, I saw a differently-abled child travelling with her mother. Immediately,my thoughts went back to a cultural program that I had attended as one of the Chief Guests, about two years back.

This cultural show had children aged between 3 and 10 participating in it. All these children were orphans. As I watched them perform beautifully on stage, my eyes were moist with tears- it pained when one realized that these tiny-tots had no one to call "their own".

Looking at these children, I wondered what kind of turbulent thoughts would have been going on in these innocent minds. They would have definitely missed having their "near and dear ones" there.

I was pained by the fact that these innocent children had been deserted at birth,for no fault of theirs and wondered why some peoples' destinies are carved out in such a manner.

I express my heart-felt appreciation for voluntary organizations like Udavum Karangal, and many others, which have been doing wonderful service by taking care of these "less-fortunate" children.

Other organizations like the "Banyan","Vishranthi" also deserve mention here for the care they take towards destitute women and senior citizens deserted by their families. At this point I am also reminded of "Nivedita House", started as a wing of "Udayan", a voluntary organization started to help children whose parents are affected by leprosy. Australian Cricketer Steve Waugh has written in a wonderful manner in his autobiography "Out of my comfort zone", about Niveditha House and Udayan.

Let us all extend our co-operation towards these voluntary organizations and help the needy children in whatever little way we can. Monetary help can always come in, through grants and sponsorships. But, the emotional care and affection that these children need- lets give it to them in plenty and make our lives more meaningful by such good deeds :-)

Let us bring happiness into the lives of God's "Little Creations".


Sathej said...

A different nicely written post. God's little creations - thats a touching way to put it! Yes, we all have moments such as these when we pause and think about the little lesser fortunate kids. Moving..

preeya said...

i have great regards for those organisations and especially those couples who adopt such children even if the couples have children of their own. wish more people came forward to adopt orphans and if manyh did that, there will be a time when no child will be a orphan ! it is really difficult to love those who are not related to us.

also the sacrifices made by our parents to bring us up cannot be explained in words. sometimes parents seem unreasonable but only when we become parents ourselves, we realise that they too are right from their point of view.

Anonymous said...

I know a group of friends who started a manufacturing unit. As a token of gratitude for the grand succeess of their business, they were walking down to Tirupati from Chennai, on a founder's day.

Somebody, like you inspired them. Instead, now on every founder's day, they spend not only their money but their valuable time for the whole day in an orphanage. Nice isn't it?

Wish many get inspired by you and contribute in whichever the way they could.

You do not need money (only)to help somebody, you need 'attitude'. I salute people who are already in to it.


akshaya said...

good evening aunty,

i am akshaya. i was just reading the review of your concert recently at bangalore. My mother is an active member at, which is where i was reading rick compliments for your concert in bangalore, and about the lec-dem that could not take place. may i ask you a question, i apologise if this is not the place where i should ask.

would you accept me as your student. i am in standard 9, and i have been learning music for the last 6 years. i am your fan and really want to learn music from you. i stay in besant nagar. i am participating in the music competition to be held on 1st feb 09 at bharatiya vidya bhavan.


Gayathri Girish said...

Hi Akshaya,

You may mail me at regarding classes for you.

Good luck for the competition on Feb 1st.Let me know later how it went.


Sankar said...

Nice post Gayathri. Glad to see your care for these children. Our world would be a much better place if there were people who also cared to look beyond their own families, at least for these 'Little Creations".

I think the simplest thing that parents could do is to bring up their children in such a way that they never hurt such children. If children are taught to live more modestly without parading their possessions it could avoid creating a sense of longing in these "little creations".

If the "lucky" children could be made to understand how lucky they are, perhaps they will grow up to being adults with empathy towards the not so lucky ones.


Gayathri Girish said...

Very nicely expressed:-)

Whatever you have written seems to be an extension to my thoughts :-)

The "lucky" children should definitely be made to understand the trauma that the "not-so-lucky" children undergo. I also feel that adaptability is another key feature that kids should learn.

Kids always look upon parents as their role models-hence I think it is the duty of every parent to inculcate these good values in their children.