Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tamizh Iyal Isai Vizha- 20.1.09

This concert was organized by Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore.

(V.V.S.Murari- J.Vaidyanathan-Sree Sundarkumar)

The occasion was their annual Tamizh-Iyal-Isai Vizha and the morning session consisted of discussions, debates etc.

Our concert was in the evening and the occasion was graced by the presence of the Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Registrar and other dignitaries of the University.

The discipline that was seen there amongst the students assembled in the hall under the impeccable supervision of the VC, Mrs.Saroja Prabhakaran, reminded me a lot about my days at college, where there would be total silence in the auditorium when we used to be sitting there under the supervision of our respected Madam Principal, Miss.K.S.Lakshmi ! (One glance from her would make us shiver like a leaf :-))

Such successful ladies as the ones mentioned above, who head prestigious institutions are the driving forces resulting in the all-round success of the institutions.


Sathej said...

True, one always recalls one's days at scool and college with a sense of fondness and an unexplainable tinge of nostalgia. Btw, please include the song list when possible..

Lion Man said...

well, i never used to shiver at any number of glances from my college professors or principal. In fact such glances never happened at all...we were all immune and the professors knew it was useless.

Still, why does one shiver like that? Guilty mind probably, caused by a lot of pranks and unruly acts in college...right? Tell us more about it...

Gayathri Girish said...

Your very name suggests that you would have never shivered :-)

No, I never was guilty of anything. No pranks or unruly acts either.. It was just out of reverence.

Never once during my college days,did I find this kind of discipline to be strenuous. In fact, in retrospect, it has only helped me to streamline a lot of my activities and make my life more systematic and disciplined.


Lion Man said...

ha ha ha, i was just teasing you, mischief in college is what adds spice to college life.

you were not lucky enough to get professors like I had. Once i found a class really boring, so i walked out of it without asking permission. i went out of the college campus, bought two sweet beedas and came back to the class without asking permission. i ate one and gave the other to a classmate. the professor hardly objected to either my leaving or entering, in fact he hardly took notice of it, including my eating the beeda in class. (See, even i was very disciplined...i only ate sweet beeda, not the intoxicating ones!)

Another incident, same professor, he was trying to write the word "guarantee" on the board, he got confused with the spelling at that moment and it sounded more like "karandi". i was sitting in the last row, and shouted that the spelling is wrong. He turned around and asked the class generally, "how dare you teach me the spelling of guarantee", but instead of trying to locate which guy shouted, he turned to the board and tried to correct the spelling. He
made a bigger mess of it than before !!