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HINDU-Bangalore Edition- 30/1/09

Here is a review of the concert held under the auspices of BTM Cultural Academy,Bangalore on 23/1/09:
(This appeared in the Hindu,Bangalore Edition dated 30/1/09.)

IMPRESSIVE Devoted performances

The17th Aradhana Sapthaha of the BTM Cultural Academy, Bangalore, featured a vocal concert by Gayathri Girish on Friday, accompanied by Nalina Mohan (violin), C. Cheluvaraju (mridanga), Vyasa Vittala (khanjari) and Karthik Mohan (ghata).

The concert, devoted entirely to the compositions of Muthaiah Bhagavathar, commenced with “Manamohana”, the atta taala varna in Mohana, followed by “Sakthiganapathim” in Nattai raga and rupaka taala, to which were appended some free flowing kalpana swaras. A crisp alapana in Vijayasaraswathi preceded the krithi “Saranam Vijayasaraswathi” in adi taala. The raga identity of Shahana was established in the very first phrase of its alapana, notable for mellifluous sancharas around the dhaivatha in the ascent and the lucidity of notes right down to the mandra panchama in the final phase. The krithi, “Manamu Kavalenu Thalli”, was succeeded by “Giripriyam Gangadharam” in Kadanakuthuhalam.

“Sarasadalanayane” in Saramathi, one of the most beautiful renderings of the concert, underscored the widely spaced syllables of its sahithya and its leisurely gait. “Saravanabhava” in Pasupathipriya led to an elaborate alapana of Sankarabharana that revealed the artiste’s felicity of expression in all three octaves without exaggerated efforts at modulation, enhanced by the smooth overtones of her voice. “Manadirkisainda” a heavy composition in adi tala incorporated a detailed neraval and kalpana swaras with alternating passages in the tisra gathi. The concluding segment of the concert included, among others, “Vanchathonu” in Karnaranjani and a tillana in Hamsanandi. The efforts of the accomplished accompanying artistes would have had greater impact with better balancing and adjustment of the sound system.

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