Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gudalur Narayanaswami Balasubramaniam (GNB)

The phenomenon called GNB....

GNB (6.1.1910 - 1.5.1965)

This day marks the beginning of the centenary year of one of the greatest names in the world of Carnatic Music - GNB.

I am sure many grand concerts and programmes will be organized in the forthcoming year throughout the world to celebrate this memorable year..

What a musician he was !! Blessed are those who have had a chance to attend his live concerts..Lesser mortals like me have to be contented with recordings that are available of this great maestro.

In the following weeks, I will come up with some interesting anecdotes that I have heard from others who have been directly associated with Sri.GNB and, also a few audio clippings to illustrate how his music has inspired many musicians like me.


Sathej said...

Thats a nice idea:) Looking forward to the posts..A legend indeed!

SAI<=>MUSIC said...

Wow... That is really a wonderful tribute to that great legend!!! Great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!


pushkala said...

Great idea. One thing that is lacking is biograpies of great past musicians to read and understand how they influenced people and musicians of those ages.

On a slightly different note on this auspicious day of Vaikunda Ekadesi day we are listening to Narayaneeyam ( excellent rendition by Trichur V Ramachandram in complete) and your own Vaishnavam among other slokas! I just thought I will mention it here since TVR is a disciple of GNB.

Padma said...

A genius in his own way...It would be nice to read how he influenced you and some other interesting anecdotes that you have promised to share..

Sudha said...

The composition 'HimagiriTanaye' in his voice leaves the listener spellbound.When I listened this kriti for the first time, atleast for the rest of the day his voice rang in my ears. I'm seriously trying to gather his recordings.