Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Virutham-Keerthanam Special Concert: 30th May,1998

I was not planning to post anything now,until five minutes back, when I happened to come across tapes of a concert that took place on 30.5.1998.

Of late, my blog has, by default, become the medium of expression for my thoughts- whether musical or philosophical, and a place for me to share my experiences and recollections from the past.

So this is why I have landed up writing now and here I go :-)

In April 1998 it was decided that we would have a thematic "Virutham-Keerthanam" concert, wherein, Vidwan Sethalapathy Balasubramaniam (Balu Mama, as he was known to us)would sing different Viruthams (Virutham singing had always been Mama's forte),and each of them would be followed by a suitable Kriti that I would render.

Kasturi Srinivasan Hall (Music Academy Mini Hall) was fixed as the venue for this concert. One day at my place,as Mama and I were sitting and planning the items for the concert, my grandmother was sitting and watching the proceedings..Her all time favourite song was Senthil Andavan (she would ask me to sing it at every concert of mine that she attended :-)).

She told Balu Mama, "I would love to listen to a Virutham for Senthil Andavan now, followed by the song". And, Mama immediately went into an excellent Kharaharapriya singing one Virutham after another. As she was listening to this profuse outpouring of soulful Viruthams from Mama, Patti's eyes were filled with tears.

We then decided to have Kharaharapriya as one of the pieces in this concert.

The concert did happen on 30.5.98. Mama did sing a beautiful Kharaharapriya that day. I did sing the Kriti Senthil Andavan. But Patti was not there to listen to her favourite Kharaharapriya at this concert. She passed away just a few days before this concert...


Anonymous said...

Very touching story. I hope rasikas to listen to such renditions also. Do you plan to convert such tapes (I assume cassettes) to either CD or mp3 formats to share with rasikas?


riyer88 said...

Dear Mrs. Girish,

Whenever I have the free time, I love to come to your blog and read the wonderful postings that you have written down.

I must say that I found your posts on Divya Prabandham so useful. I always used to ask my guru about those beautiful hymns and how to learn them. I must say your detailed explanations helped clarify some of those queries.

Your most recent post on the Virutham/Krithi concert truly brought tears to my eyes. Grandparents are VERY special people in our lives and I can totally agree with you to say that they play a very significant role in help making us who we are. Their constant love and immense knowledge in many facets of life is truly something divine.

I am sure your Grandmother was still hearing that very special rendition of the krithi she loved so much at that very special concert. I know she is a part of you always :-) .

Thanks a lot for sharing such a heart warming story.

Sincere Regards.

Sathej said...

Oh!! that was very touching! hmm..we have such emotional moments that we always recollect for a long long time..

Padma said...

Such a touching post...Many a times we associate so many experience with kriti rendition that no matter when we sing it, we associate with it..