Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Inspiring TV Interviews

After my concert on 9th November, at BRRS,Chembur in Mumbai, I returned to my hotel and switched on the TV. While surfing through the channels I came across an interview on uTVi channel,with writer and leadership coach Robin Sharma. What an inspiring interview it was ! Such clarity of thoughts and ideas. He talked about the importance of realizing one's inner self and said how vital it is in life, especially in the current period, when there is global economic unrest. He talked about leadership qualities and how one should discover hidden opportunities even in one's failures.

I have really enjoyed reading books like "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", "Discover Your Destiny", "Family Wisdom",authored by Robin Sharma.

After this programme, I came across another awesome interview on IBN channel, where Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai interviewed two great legends of Indian Cricket, Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar. I really enjoyed watching this show.

I have always admired Sachin's simplicity and down-to-earth attitude. He talked beautifully and I could see that all his answers were very honest and straight from his heart ! Of course, I am no one to even comment upon Mr.Gavaskar's wonderful way of talking and handling situations ! He has always been one of my favourite cricketers.

When asked which has been the most glorious moment in each of their cricketing careers, Gavaskar immediately said it was India's World Cup victory in 1983. And, Sachin said the most memorable moment was when he adorned his Cricket cap for the very first time, when he represented the Indian team. I could "feel" the passion with which he gave that answer..

Sachin has always talked about his role models Viv Richards and Sunil Gavaskar in almost all his interviews, and this show was no exception. He said Gavaskar's three D's (discipline, determination and dedication) have always inspired him.

Gavaskar, when asked what he likes the most about Sachin, said it is the balance that Sachin displays, both on and off the field. He said mental balance is a very vital factor in anyone's path towards success and that he has found this in Sachin.

Sachin, when asked which has been his most satisfying innings so far,gave his usual charming smile and said," I have been happy on many occasions with my game, but seldom satisfied". What an answer from such a legend! In such a subtle manner, he gave the difference between "being happy" and "being satisfied".

Well, I can go on and on about this interview. Each question and each answer has got imprinted in my mind !

Along with thousands and thousands of fans of these two legends all over the world, I wish to convey that they have indeed made our country proud. Hats off to these two great players and wishing them all success and happiness..


Anonymous said...


This was something different. Always thought that Carnatic Musicians spend more time practising and reading those books.

Happy to note that we share another passion too - thats cricket and reading.

Waiting for more such sribbles....

Sathej said...

A nice post indeed - quite different :) Inspiring they surely are. Its often the greatest of people who are humble and vice versa!

nagraj said...

We can see the rasika-side of the artist in you. Oh! this is how you draw inspiration to inspire others, apart from inspiring from within and thru your lovely music. How true it is, good artist is a good rasika too. Have a great season ahead!

Padma said...

Another side of the musician...I guess just like any Indian you seem to be passionate of Cricket..Anyways had been to your BRR concert...Really liked it..But had to leave before it ended since I had to travel back home :(. Anyways keep posting..Its a pleasure to read.

Gayathri Girish said...

Hi Padma,
Oh you had been for the concert ?! Having seen your thumbnail photo here in your posts, I thought I would be able to recognise you in case you came.. But I guess I didn't succeed. Maybe you were sitting somewhere at the back. Do you live in the Chembur area?


Padma said...

Well i was sitting in the back..since i didn't want to disturb the artist and the audience, since i knew i would have to leave while the concert would be in progress...Well i stay at sion, very close to shanmukhananda...