Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day Usefully Spent...

How does one feel at the end of a fruitful day?

As far as I am concerned, such a day leaves me exhilarated. Makes me more energetic, more happy ( I will be extra careful before I use the word "satisfied" - after what I heard from Sachin Tendulkar the other day on TV !!). My conscience is clear that I have made good use of the day.

I had a good music practice session today, polishing some old Krithis and learning a new one. Surprisingly, interruptions in the form of doorbell ringing and phone ringing were minimal today, which was a big relief :-). Singing a song or a phrase again and again helps very much. When an artist feels that he/she has internalized the song by repeated singing, the pleasure derived out of it is something very unique and cannot be described in words. It has to be felt. I strongly believe that each song that we present on stage should produce this effect.

I firmly believe in hard work and look forward to many more days of hard work in my chosen field..

With a hope that tomorrow will be as fruitful (or even more!) as today, I sign off now.

Good night !!


Sathej said...

Nicely written! - the pleasure is unique....has to be felt, cannot be described in words..' so true. One feels it from inside :)

Sam said...

It is a good self-appraisal one can do before going to bed. Was the day well spent. Did I do something to better myself or those around me etc. If you live the day the same way like you did the previous day you can't hope to have a better tomorrow is a quote I have read somewhere.


Gayathri Girish said...

That's a nice quote :-)

Gayathri Girish