Monday, October 6, 2014

Workshop at SAP Labs, Bangalore - 29/5/2014

I had a wonderful opportunity to interact with a diverse group of software professionals at SAP Labs, Bangalore to talk on the subject of "Teamwork" in Carnatic music concerts.

This session was very interactive, with members from the corporate world asking very interesting questions about what actually takes place during a typical concert and how the artistes in a Carnatic concert gel with each other without any rehearsals.

I talked on various aspects like core competencies of a musician, innovation, teamwork among the artists, adaptability of artists and about concert planning. I also gave numerous examples by demonstrating these aspects and also played video clips, which was very well received.


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N Murali Mohan said...

Wow!!! You are back!!! And you look more like the Director of the company talking to her staff than an artist - lol. One miss- Spectacles are missing for a Director:-)