Monday, February 18, 2013

Anandam Isai Vizha - 15/2/13

Anandam is a free home for senior citizens, located at Kallikuppam in Ambattur.
They celebrated their tenth anniversary and had many concerts on this occasion.

Mysore Srikanth and B.Sivaraman performed with me at this concert.


The entire complex is a very nice one, with a library, common lounge, physiotherapy room and many such facilities.
Anandam provides free accommodation for these seniors with comforts like cots, mattresses, fans, solar water heaters, refrigerators, color television and much more. Regular medical check-ups are done and the elderly people are taken care of in a wonderful manner.

It was an extremely enjoyable experience to sing for the senior citizens, who had assembled in large numbers in the prayer hall. The love and affection shown by each and every inmate of the home was very touching.

Some of the inmates who couldn't even walk up to the prayer hall, were seated in the lounge and library and witnessed the concert through the huge LCD screens installed there.

We were all treated with immense warmth by the senior citizens. A very memorable experience.... And an evening filled with affection from every direction....What more does one need?



BHASKARAN19 said...

Superb to learn about this. True as you rightly said "What more does one need?" Singing for a cause is a greatest thing one can do , Best Wishes

priya ram said...

Just curious to know what you sang there ! Am sure, there must have been many song requests too and you would have obliged. I have many song requests to give to you too. Maybe someday in the future.......

Pink said...

Thank you akka for writing wonderful things about Anandam. All the residents and trustees are greatful to you for such a melodious concert.
i'm the daughter of one of the trustees.

more abt anandam on :