Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lecture Demonstration-Saraswathi and Narada Gana Sabha-26.12.11

Venue - Narada Gana Sabha Mini Hall
Time - 8.30 a.m

Topic - "The place of Varnam in Carnatic Music"

A beautiful and vast topic.

Will try and capture the essence of 1.5 hours of the Lec-Dem in a few lines :-)

After talking briefly about the etymology and history of Varnam, I talked about how the Varnam stands apart as a musical form that is ideal for "abhyAsam".

As a tool for abhyAsa gAnam, the varnam helps the music student in learning the nuances of a rAga. It helps in voice culture. These were illustrated with various examples.

I then spoke about the differences between pada varnams and tAna varnams.

Varnam helps us in understanding the various facets of "manOdharma sangItam", like in singing the rAga AlApana, niraval,kalpanaswaras.These were again illustrated with examples.

tAna varnams give ample scope for singing the varnam in various speeds. Also, the art of tAnam singing can be developed from varnams. These were again explained with examples.

I then took up daru varnams, rAgamalika varnams and varnams with swarAkshara prayOgams.

In all, it was a truly enjoyable session for me and there was a very enthusiastic audience.

Incidentally, I happened to meet Mr.V.Subramanian after the Lec-Dem, who had beautifully drawn a sketch of the artistes on stage. Here it is:


nagraj said...

A very bad miss for me - professional hazard

Can I borrow the recording please!

No wonder, you excel in RTPs thus, furthermore, you are strong in thalam - even you follow complex patterns, which accomplished percussionists also find difficult sometimes. Maintaining thalam in RTP and thani is not a joke. I have witnessed tavil maestro, Haridwaramangalam Palanivel also appreciating you on this aspect.

One more observation, you always maintain thalam-storking palm on thigh, from first to last-mangalam / you don't skip for one bar & even for an ordinary song(which mostly runs in the blood / mind). This is another aspect a budding artiste must learn from you.

Anonymous said...

I too would prefer to have a recording of this lecture demonstration if it is in English:-)

The fact that Music knows no language is demonstrated in your concerts! Well, while I don't understand Tamil, your concerts did not bore me. I enjoyed the Music thoroughly. Again, the good thing was there was no noise pollution as usual and the lyrics were very clear. This is something that is missing in most other concerts that I attended.

Coming to your Music, I wish to see more of Trinity songs:-) and some more Vilamba kala Sangeetam in future. I like the Viruttams but I certainly wish to see more Vilamba kala Sangeetam. The example, that strikes me immediately is Musiri's Kanaka Shaila vihaarini. That gives more tranquility to the atmosphere, I believe.

Also, I would like to see better expression based on Sahithya bhava:-) I notice O. S. Arun giving good expressions based on Sahitya bhava in his Bhajans. I know I may be a little critical:-) But, I am saying so out of Abhimanam:-) (as you know I am a good fan of yours). But, just few observations you can think of incorporating.

I know, my Sangeeta Gynanamu is very minimal, but I can't resist the temptation to tell Vidwans like you:-)


Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting topic.I am sure varnams definitely help in knowing the nuances of ragas.I do not mind enjoying a full concert of varnams.
Unfortunately I had to miss this lec-dem due to personal work.


Gayathri Girish said...

Thank you :-). Yes, it would be very interesting to give an exclusive Varnam concert. The subject has a lot of scope.