Saturday, May 23, 2009

காவிரி முதல் வோல்கா வரை ! - Day 5


Check-out from the Mirage Hotel in Kazan and leaving for Moscow.

(From R to L: Sanchari Bakshi (Sitar player from Delhi),myself,Sanchari's mother and interpreter Guzel)

(Waiting to board flight at Kazan. I don't think people could have looked more tired:-))

(A student of the Kuchipudi dance form, Katerina, who came and met me at Hotel Borodino,Moscow).

After this its going to be two days of hectic travel.


Sathej said...

Nice pics - you've managed to capture the different moods and moments. About tiredness - so true. We all crave for home..


Padma said...

Hey nice pics...Really enjoyed watching all of them..Especially the ones with those kids...Must be a really good feeling.. :)

nagraj said...

when r u going 2 russia again? so that we can see frequent updates


Venugopal G said...

Hello Nice to meet you here.. I am from palakkad, kerala... the music city.... Any program in Kerala?? Performed even in Palakkad??? I wish to listen to your concert...