Thursday, May 21, 2009

Concert at The Great Hall,Dom Muziky,Moscow - 17/5/09

Here are the photos of the concert at Moscow on 17th May:


Sathej said...

Nice pics :)The hall indeed looks impressive..


Anonymous said...

Looks like fantastic ambience. Feels happy each time you are honoured.


Priya Ram said...

Very Proud of all of you, Gayathri and each one of the accompanists !! The Grand Stage, with the Indian National flag by the side, and the entire team from India in the Russian hall ! way to go ! Keep it up ! My best wishes to all of you. More pics please.

Priya Ram said...

Each time i access your blog, I get a message since last few days, asking me to run 'windows media player core' from microsoft corporation. do you and other rasikas get this message ? what to do next ?

Priya Ram said...


i formatted my PC and am not getting any message now. seems it was my pc problem. BTW looking forward to pics from Kazan.