Friday, April 3, 2009

School exams over:-)

I am back after a short two-week break. Vishruthi had her final exams (class 5) and hence I was busy teaching the kid. I have to admit that I am a "gentle" taskmaster with the kids when it comes to studying :-)

Vishvesh has completed Class 1 and he doesn't have exams yet. Bala Vidya Mandir school follows a slightly different pattern of examinations. Kids have periodical class tests, projects and assignments from class 1 for their assessment. Regular exams begin only much later. We as parents are very comfortable with the teaching methodology that is being followed in this school.

Today is the last working day for both and they are simply thrilled about the forthcoming summer vacation. :-). To keep them engaged all the time during their vacation is going to be another mammoth task. :-)

I am back now with my regular updates and posts.


Sathej said...

Am reminded of summer vacations at school..carefree days. Having all the time in your hands to do all that you want. I remember I even engaged in cloud watching as a hobby during a vacation, taking it up seriously! If only, such a time could be again had. Sometimes its nice not to have the responsibilities and the heavy mantle of having grown up! The age of innocence..


Pushkala. said...

yeah keeping children busy and active is indeed a tough task.

Hope they have a nice vacation.

Priya Ram said...

summer vacations are a great time to hone our skills and learn new things. hope vishruthi and vishvesh have fun learning music or a new skill.

also, would like to share, since i did my schooling in mumbai, marathi was compulsory in my school. so looked forward to vacations to learn reading and writing tamil. we speak tamil at home but reading words in tamil was an uphill task. started with reading bold letters like aanaantha vikatan, kumudam, dinathanthi. slowly started reading tamil words. but even today i kooti kooti paddipen :) i found tamil is an amusing language. once i read James Paandu to find that it was actully James Bond. when you write in tamil,it may seem different even hilarious sometimes !! even my name is written as piriya. found it very hilarious. pa and ba are same, so are ha and ka. like mohan is written as mokhan. hope to learn tamil properly :)

Lion Man said...

when i was vishvesh's age or slightly cousin and i would invite the little boy living next door to come into the precincts of our house. he would climb the dividing wall with great effort and jump to our side. One of us would then engage him in a conversation, while the other would, unknown to that boy, constantly rub a pebble on the big block of stone (paarangal) that used to be there at that time, until the pebble got sufficiently heated. And then we would place the pebble on his thigh...he would go "aah!!!" and run away to his house...that would give us cheap can also teach vishvesh this marvellous technique of causing annoyance to his neighbours...

Gayathri Girish said...

Lion Man,

I really pity the little boy who was your neighbour..:-)

Thank God,Vishvesh hasn't yet grown to be able to read the blog and your suggestions here:-)

(You can be rest assured that I won't teach him such wonderful techniques:-))