Friday, April 3, 2009

NSTSS-muthuswAmi dikshitar ArAdhanA - 30/3/09

muthuswAmi dikshitar's kritis have always been my all-time favourites. I really enjoy singing these kritis. The intensity of the sahitya, the inherent bhAva in these compositions transport us to a different plane altogether.

Nanganallur Sri Tyagaraja Sangeetha Samajam (NSTSS) has been organizing this ArAdhanA over the past few years, in an attempt to archive all the kritis of this composer and I got to learn quite a few rare kritis for the occasion this year.


Melakkaveri Tyagarajan - Violin
Madipakkam Suresh - Mridangam

Song List:

1.sundaramUrtim AshrayAmi-takkA-rUpakam
2.tyAgEsam bhajarE-rudrapriyA-Adi
3.sri suganti kuntaLAmbikE-kuntaLam-rUpakam

One elderly rasika at the end of the concert requested me to sing these rare songs often in my concerts. I have promised to do so:-)


Anonymous said...

I am happy to see your post reg.Dikshidar:s kritis. I am also a Dikshidar"s favourite.After seeing your post I was remembered an aradhana being celebrated at Calcutta during 1979-80 while I was there. The aradhana started 8 am in the morning and went on till 8 pm. Every singer is allowed to sing one oe two of Dikshidar"s kritis. No repetition is allowed. At the end all sang Meenakshimemudham in poorvikalyani in chorus and deeparadhana is performed. What a soul stirring experience it was" I think that particular function has so much influence on me I started learning so many of his compositions with meaning.In fact I have a book compiled by Sri.T.K Govinda Raowith meaning and SRGM notations .It also gives the place at which the particular song was composed.
A mere rendering of his kritis
with an understanding of the general meaning will bring prosperity as he has embedded the mantra sastra in all his songs

Shreekrishna said...

Respected Smt Gayathri,

I am so happy to know that you have rendered krithis like sundaramUrtim AshrayAmi and matsyAvatAra! I have known of these krithis only as those that I haven't heard.

This is a blessing to Dikshitar fans (or better perhaps, maniacs) like myself. I request you humbly to continue this noble effort of bringing lost krithis to the fore. This is great service towards preservation of chaste music in its entirety.

Regards and namaskarams,
Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Gayathri Girish said...

Dear Shreekrishna,
Thanks:-),I will certainly sing these rare kritis more often in concerts.
Sang lalitAmbikAyai again,recently in a concert in Mumbai.