Thursday, March 5, 2009



What we have been practising for generations since childhood is now packaged by Yale university school of Medicine as Superbrain Yoga to increase intelligence.

Nothing but our simple Pillayar TOPPUKARNAM..

See the following Youtube video:

Amazing, isn't it?? - We have all been doing this for ages in front of the Pillayar deity..


Sathej said...

Well, I've often reacted with sarcasm when people say our age old customs are taken up by Westerners and the benefits propounded. I, for one, always believe that even if some act like this Toppukarnam for instance is beneficial, doing it without an explanation isn't good enough. And if someone comes up, takes these and does a scientific study and conclusively demonstrates the utility, then its fine. We ought to give credit to those people and be saying 'oh we've done it for ages'. After all we didn't know why we were doing it right? But then, this is an altogether different story. Yale University School of Medicine of all places!! And from what I can gather from the video, they are plain unprofessional. Whats that 'doctor' doing? Says I made a student do this for a semester and his grades are now straight A's!! Looks like sick magic-like talk. And coming from a man of science! Thoroughly disappointing. This is just plain plagiarism. They pick up a thing which we have been doing for ages, not even care to examine its mechanisms et al in a scientific manner and present it as though its their finding! The explanations given are hand waving to be mild and very very sketchy.

Shocking especially when coming from a Neurobiology Professor at Yale! They ought to have been more complete in their study. And even with such sketchy studies, they name it and start promoting it. Disappointing..


Sankar said...

Nice one Gayathri !

I am glad that the "learned" community in the west, has dared to test it out and come out to vouch for the worth of this practise - because, secular people (in India) would be more ready to do it now ;-), as there seems to be "really-something" to gain doing it.

don't be shocked, if tomorrow the Stanford Psychology school announces the invention of a music form "Neelambari" as a great way to put kids to sleep... :-)

btw, dont miss watching this : ( you can click on my name to watch it )

Priya Ram said...

a good surprise ! i remember i was surprised when i came to know when in school that the word cash comes from tamil word Kaas and catamaran from kattumaran. there are many more words like this in english !!

Sankar said...

perhaps even orange from tamil aaru anju :-)( there are usually eleven fruitlets within, if am right )

Anonymous said...

Please read 'kumudam' dated 25-3-2009 for the tamil print version of this "invention?"


Vandhana said...

I was quite intrigued to see this video... Perhaps now you'll find many youngsters doing these 'squats' or 'thoppukaranams' to improve brain power. The custom that they've been rationalising through their prudence has its say finally.. And now that science has proved it,.... Pillayar truly will have a feast to watch!!!
Vandhana Krishnamurthy