Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Musiri Chamber Concert-13th November 2011

Here I am, writing after a gap of many months !!

I somehow preferred to stay away from technology for a while, but back now with renewed vigor :-)

I am yet to write in detail about this year's Navarathri Kolu. Many friends have asked for details and description, but I guess it will have to wait till January, since the Music Season here has already begun !

Many concerts have gone by in recent months, but I plan to write about my concerts from November onwards. And hence this post.

The atmosphere at the legendary Musiri Chamber concert venue in Mylapore was very homely and it was great having the audience at such close quarters.

There was a little girl (studying in class 1) who beautifully drew a sketch of all the artists and presented it to me at the end of the concert ! Here it is..

And here is the actual photo:

Smt. Usha Rajagopalan - Violin
Sri.S.Balashankar- Mridangam

Song List:(R-Raga Alapana,N-Neraval,S-Kalpanaswaram,T-Tani Avarthanam)

1. Varnam-Todi-Adi (S)
2. Sri Maha Ganapathi-Gowla-Misra Chapu-Muttuswami Dikshitar
3. Vanadurge-Vanaspathi-Rupakam-Muthiah Bhagavatar(R)
4. Edhayya Gati-Chalanaata-Adi-Koteeswara Iyer
5. Ninnu Nera-Pantuvarali-Rupakam-Tyagaraja(R,N,S)
6. Cheta Sri-Dwijavanti-Rupakam-Muttuswami Dikshitar
7. O Rangasayee-Kambhoji-Adi-Tyagaraja (R,N,S,T)
8. Om Namo Narayana-Karnaranjani-Kanta Chapu-Ambujam Krishna
9. Nagendra Haraya-Ragamalika-Kanta Chapu-Adi Shankara


Revanth said...

Good to see you back on blog!! We missed your concert updates and posts! :) Welcome back...

All the very best for the season

Eagerly waiting for your post about this year's kolu :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, welcome back! Good to see you back in action, Madam.

I am hoping to make it to the Season unless something very urgent comes up. I have booked the tickets and Hotel for the same.

However, regarding the Musiri Subramaniam Iyer's concert, I was hoping to see some famous numbers of Musiri. I understand he made Nagumomu very popular. I am told that he used to sing Samukhana Nilva, Meru Samana, Kanaka Saila Vihaarini, Enta vedukundu O! Raghava quite often.

I was so influenced by the Musiri school of thought that I used to attend classes from Late Sri T. K. Govinda Rao during my visits to Chennai.

In this context, I must mention that he regards you (Gayathri Girish) as a very good singer. One day, he was taking class from 11:30 till 4 PM, when I had to interrupt and tell him that I need to attend your concert. Then he promtly said, she is a very good singer. (He did not certify some of my other favourite male singers:-) ) He was a believer of classicism and traditional values. He used to place lot of emphasis on Sahitya Bhava above all. I consider myself lucky to have learnt few Keertanas from him.

Hope to see you soon.