Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jugalbandhi at Meenakshi College - 7/12/10

This was my first concert for the December Music Season, 2010. Concert on the 5th got cancelled because of the incessant rains in Chennai.

Smt. Lakshmi Sreeram (Hindustani Vocal) and I gave a Jugalbandhi concert under the auspices of Meenakshi Sundararajan Trust, Chennai.

Sri.M.A.Krishnaswamy - Violin
Sri.Neyveli Skandasubramaniam - Mridangam
Sri.Viresh Madri - Harmonium
Sri.Suresh - Tabla

Song List:

1. First Raga presented was Hamsadhwani.
I sang Vara Vallabha Ramana, a composition of Sri.G.N.Balasubramaniam.
The kalpana swara session was more of a conversation between the Carnatic and Hindustani styles.

2. Next Lakshmi presented the Raag Puryadhanasri. She sang Payaliya Jhankar in Teental. Here again, I joined in a few places with the Carnatic version of the same, namely, Pantuvarali.

3. The main item in the Carnatic style chosen for this concert was Abheri. I sang Nagumomu Ganaleni of Sri Tyagaraja and during the Raga Alapana and Kalpana Swaras, it was again an exchange of ideas between the two of us.

After the Tani Avartanam by Skandasubramaniam, Lakshmi sang the composition Ja ja Re in Bhimplas.

4. The main item in the Hindustani style taken up by Lakshmi was Bihag. She presented two compositions, namely, Aada Siva Shankara in Jhaptal and a Tarana in Teental.

I sang next, a composition of Sri.Gopalakrishna Bharati in Behag - Irakkam Varamal.

5. The fifth Raga was Revati. I sang Jayadeva's Ashtapadi Samudita Madane.

6. Lakshmi finished with an Abhang in the raga Deshkar.

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Raghu Saranathan said...

That sounds very impressive! If you have a video of the program (or even a clip of one of the songs) do post it! I am very curious to see the chemistry between H and C and how it went - I am sure it went well but to actually feel the music would something entirely different.

On a side note, I was going through your blog and saw the performances in Dec 2010 - how do you come up with the list of songs? And when you have concerts in back to back days, how do you keep up? I have known you for years but never really understood the intense preparation you'd need during December!! :)