Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Music Competitions- 2010

Every year, from June onwards, school children get busy with various competitions - group music, solo music, essay writing, drawing and painting etc etc - the sky is the limit these days..

Vishruthi took part in music competitions conducted by Rasika Ranjana Sabha,Trichy in June. There were several categories, she won prizes in four of them - Varnam singing, Oothukadu Venkatakavi Kritis, Papanasam Sivan Kritis and Subramanya Bharatiyar songs.

Conducting competitions in many categories gives children an excellent opportunity to learn a lot of Kritis of various composers. Also, singing on stage in front of an audience helps these little ones gain a lot of confidence and overcome stage fear.

She couldn't attend the prize distribution function at Trichy last week as she had to represent her school (Bala Vidya Mandir, Adyar) in another group singing event here in Chennai, on the same day.

Sri Matha Samarpanam conducted a lot of competitions for children in various age groups.

Here is a photo from that prize distribution function. Vishruthi receives the prize from none other than Smt.C.Lalitha (one of the Bombay Sisters). Embar Kannan was the chief guest that day.Smt.C.Lalitha and Sri.ARS were the other dignitaries on stage.

Smt.Nalini Ramaprasad of Sri Matha Samarpanam used to run an organization called Children Academy in the 80's. It was this institution which gave artists like me,S.P.Ramh, violinist Embar Kannan,violinist S.Varadarajan, violinist Suresh Babu, opportunities to give concerts in the mid-80's.

I was present that day only as a parent to take photos of Vishruthi receiving the prize. Also,she performed for about 10 minutes before the prize distribution. Ramh's son(Vikram) also sang for about 10 minutes - a very talented young boy Vikram is ! (Vikram is seen in the picture, hidden behind Ramh and Embar Kannan :-))

Ramh, Suresh Babu and I were caught unawares and were asked to come on to the stage for the prize distribution function, since we belonged to the "Alumni" of Children Academy :-)

(Vishruthi has won prizes in a few more events. I shall post the details and photos of those after she receives the prizes.)


Sathej said...

Congrats to Vishruthi..convey my wishes..very happy for her..


nagraj said...

Kutti padinaru adi paayum, I'm sure

Karthik said...

Way to go Vishruthi! Wish you all the very best!!!

raji117 said...

Congrats Vishruthi and to you too. May God bless her with abundant music knowledge through out,