Friday, October 10, 2008

My recent visit to M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF):

Dr.M.S.Swaminathan has been one of my role models since the time I have known him personally- for his utmost dedication to his work.

He has done yeoman service in the field of Bio-Technology, Food security and supporting the lives of the poor in rural India. I am in no way qualified to even write about this great personality and each time I meet him, I look upon him with great respect. What dedication and passion towards his chosen field of work !

I have had the fortune of singing the prayer song on several important occasions at his Institute and each time I enter the campus, the faculty members are all there to welcome everyone with a beaming smile ! And one feels so much at home there!

A sentence or two about the Conference Hall, which is where these meetings are held and where I have been singing each time-this room has positive vibrations and the minute I enter the room, I can feel them ! As one sits there, the immortal music of MS Amma gets played at a very soft decibel level and I am sure everyone's mind gets calmed down on listening to Maithreem Bhajatha and the Meera Bhajans.

His field of work has always fascinated me and on each occasion, I have always made it a point to stay there for some time after my initial duty of singing the Prayer, listen to a bit of all the achievements of this great institution and then leave with all those inspiring thoughts fresh in my mind.

We are all endowed with different qualities,talents and traits- Dr.MSS is one person who has very beautifully, meaningfully carved out his life and this,along with his humility, are the qualities that have always inspired me.

I had recently been there to render the Invocation song for the Founder's Day celebrations and here are a couple of pictures taken on that occasion:


Sathej said...

A great personality indeed! He has the twin characters of being an intellectual coupled with having a thrust to serve society. That is quite rare in present times. Indeed a privilege to have an opportunity be associated with a person like him.

Anonymous said...

Good evening.

I too agree with Sathej....a great personality.....And I agree with your statement....What's it that we can speak about Dr Mangombu SS. I have met him once with my thatha, (late) Justice Sankara Narayana Iyer when I was in my teens, and used to accompany him.

You are lucky to be associated with him....

Kam' Sharma

Anonymous said...

I wanted to know what kind of songs are fit to be sung as invocation songs.and does one have to shorten the song in order to be crisp? how many minutes can a prayer song go upto?

Gayathri Girish said...


Songs on any deity, or an auspicious song, or a song with positive lyrics and positive meanings can be rendered as invocation song. Yes, it has to be a crisp version, sung for a maximum of, say, 3 minutes.So, if the song has a lot of Sangathis, they can be sung without repetitions.


Anonymous said...

Thanks ma'am.