Thursday, October 30, 2008

Children Academy

In the 1980's, Children Academy was one of the premier organizations in Chennai which used to conduct music competitions for children and more importantly, give short-duration concert opportunities for the prize-winners of these competitions.

This used to be a great motivation for us to participate in these competitions. Artists like S.P.Ramh, Embar Kannan, S.Varadarajan, Punya Srinivas (she was A.K.Devi then) and several others were part of this group.

This organization was headed by Smt.Nalini Ramprasad and Sri.Koothapiran (fondly known as 'Vaanoli Anna'). In 1986, after winning the First prize in the competitions held by Children Academy, I was thrilled to get an opportunity to give the first concert in my life !!

Here is the photo where I receive the prize from Dr.S.Ramanathan.
(Smt.Nalini Ramprasad and Sri.Koothapiran are seen in the picture below):

This photo was taken during my debut concert.(And, yes, that is S.Varadarajan on the violin !!)

The same people who managed the Children Academy then, run an organization now,called, "Sri Matha Samarpanam Trust" in Chennai. Last month, they had conducted Vocal Music, Sloka recitation competitions for children in which my daughter, Vishruthi, had participated and won prizes. It was nice to have an occasion again in 2008 (after 1986!)with Smt.Nalini Ramprasad and Sri.Koothapiran giving away prizes ! Another coincidence was that Smt.Punya Srinivas (who was in my group participating and performing at Children Academy in 1986) was the chief guest at this function. She, alongwith her husband, mridangist Sri.D.A.Srinivas are seen in the picture.


Sathej said...

Nice photos indeed :) S Varadarajan on the violin..hmm..can see the resemblance :) Feels nice to re-live such occasions. And congrats and best wishes to Vishruthi :)

Anonymous said...

Aha.....proud Mom and proud daughter.....I share your feelings. And pretty happy too.

Just showed this my daughter too.

Keep wishes to Vishruti.

Kam' Sharma

Gayathri Girish said...

Thanks:-). Shall convey the same to her.


Padma said...

First of all congratulations to vishruti...and am sure you must have felt nostalgic...By the way keep posting such experiences... I really enjoy reading it...