Monday, November 4, 2013

Kalki Deepavali Malar and Amudhasurabhi on 'Myriad Forms of Lord Siva'

I am very fortunate and feel honored to have been featured in this year's "Kalki Deepavali Malar" and in the October 2013 issue of the Tamizh monthly "Amudhasurabhi "- both regarding the Project "Myriad Forms of Lord Siva" that I have undertaken since February 2013. It is a year-long project and planned to be done in 12 episodes.

I am giving below the Deepavali Malar interview and the article that has been published in "Amudhasurabhi".

(P.S - Right-click on the image->open link in new tab->zoom in)

(Kalki - Page 1)

(Kalki - Page 2)

(Kalki - Page 3)

(Kalki - Page 4)

(Amudhasurabhi - Oct 2013)


ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman) said...

Glad to know, and thanks for sharing!

ஜீவா (Jeeva Venkataraman) said...

பாபவிநாச முதலியார் அவரிகளின் அந்த பாடல் வரிகளை இந்தப் பதிவில் தருவிக்க வேண்டும், நன்றிகள்!

Unknown said...

Congrats Gayathri, you deserve the praise. For all the sincere efforts and great presentations, you deserve a international level recognition. All the best.

priya ram said...

Way to go Gayathri ! All the best for more awards, interviews, and recognition.

Priya said...

WOW Gayathri !! thanks for sharing.

Sukanya Viswanathan said...

Great going Gayathri! Happy that your scholarly approach is paying off. Best wishes for more accolades!

nagraj said...

It was my humble opinion after seeing your lecdem at Music Academy on 'Margadarisi Sesha Iyengar' a couple of years back & another lecdem on RTP, that you excel in such a format too.

Now, it is a proven fact that you are able to carry it forward convincingly in an year long project like this, to such an extent that the rasikas agree in unison that 'GG can only do it'
Apart from the research material, one needs to be adequately adept in Sanskrit language & a multi-linguist to present such an unique programme. Therefore, the automatic choice is GG.

Selection of remote kritis in rare ragas, practising and polishing them and presenting them with utmost sincerity... Unless you enjoy presenting them, it will not be received so well.

Thanks in tons, for all those wonderful moments of bliss and mountains of datum.

These episodes are treasures, worthier than the regular ticketed concerts. These reviews depict the truth and your humility in the interview.

May you continue the journey and let us follow.

Moksham nichayam !

BHASKARAN19 said...

Yes well deserved recognition and that too in Deepavali Malar. The kind of efforts you are putting in credit worthy. May Mahaperiyava Bless you with more laurels

Murali Narayanabhatla said...

It has been quite a long time since I visited the site. I am tied up with Samsara Sagaram - Mokshamu Galada? I wonder!!!

I am glad to see so many people responding so well. I think Mr. Nagraj mentioned Mokshamu Nischayamu for you when I translate it in Telugu. Tamil teriyaadu - I would have loved to see the articles in English.

It would be a good idea to webcast the 12 episodes preferably live and hopefully in future.

Good luck for the Music season.


Dr. Govindarajulu said...

It would be nice if you upload the powerpoint presentations too along with the photographs.