Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hats off to the Indian Cricket Team.. They have done us all proud.
What a match it was !
Equally thrilling were the quarter-finals against the Aussies and the Semis against Pakistan.

I also liked Dhoni's short speech during the presentation ceremony and it was great to see that everyone in the team wanted to unanimously win this for the legend, Sachin.

Emotional Yuvi, Dhoni, Sachin, Harbhajan, on winning - these were unforgettable moments last night...

The score of 274 to chase looked scary, particularly after the early dismissal of Sehwag and Sachin. But, what an anchoring role Gambhir played ! And of course, our Captain took the real pressure on to his shoulders and steered the way for history to repeat itself after 28 long years !!!

It was a great Finals and a true test of handling the huge pressure out there.

A great moment for the entire nation and a big THANK YOU to our Team India from all of us - your ardent fans and supporters :-)).


karthikr said...

Yes. Thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Jai Hind. As Sachin would say "Woh likha tha to mil gaya" (he said this when he got his 200 after a couple of near-misses).

See you soon!

L.V.Mahadevan said...

Yes.Dhoni and Team India have done us all proud.Still I feel that KapilDev"s 1983 worldcup victory was more thrilling and breathtaking.I also feel that this would have been best occasion for little master Sachin to have completed his 100th century.After all human beings are not easily satisfied.We always expect more and more from competent people.