Sunday, March 13, 2011

International Music Conference 2011 - Bangalore, 26/1/2011

The Indira Nagar Sangeetha Sabha, Bangalore conducted an International Music Conference and Festival in January 2011.

I presented a Lecture-Demonstration on the topic "Bhairavi as handled by the Music Trinity".

Chairperson for my session was Dr. Suma Sudhindra and reporteur was renowned violinist,H.K.Venkatram.

Talking briefly about the pre-Trinity period, I explained the usage of the Dasa Vidha Gamakas in the Ata Tala Varnam-Viribhoni in Bhairavi and also the characteristic "Bhairavi phrases" in a Kshetragna Padam.

I talked briefly about the evolution of the Raga Bhairavi and went on to explain in detail, the similarities and differences in the handling of the Bhairavi Raga by the Music Trinity, Tyagaraja, Muttuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastri.

(A section of the audience)

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Priya said...

Hello Madam,
My name is Ramya. Working in as a intern. I have attended this music conference. It was mind blowing performance. I like music a lot. Thanks for making this wonderful occasion.