Monday, July 12, 2010

Sri Ariyakudi Music Foundation and ICCR - 9/7/10

It was a full house at Srinivasa Sastri Hall, Mylapore.

Accompanists were Kumari.Akkarai Subhalakshmi on violin and Pathri Sri.Sathishkumar on Mridangam.

Unfortunately the mikes created havoc that day and I felt sorry for the disappointed Rasikas. Despite repeated requests from me and the other artists on stage, the audio quality was very poor.

Organizers had put in a lot of effort in organizing this concert. I only wish the audio quality had been better..

Song List:(R-Raga Alapana,N-Neraval,S-Kalpanaswaram,T-Tani Avarthanam)

3.rAjagOpAlam bhajEham-mOhanam-rUpakam-muttuswAmi dIkshitar (R,S)
4.padmAvati ramaNam-pUrvikalyANi-misra cApu-UttukAdu vEnkatasubbier
5.nAdupai-madhyamAvati-kanta cApu-tyAgarAjA (S)
6.chakkani rAja-kharaharapriyA-Adi-tyAgarAjA (R,N,S,T)
7.pravisha rAdhE-misra sivaranjani-kanta cApu-jayadevA
8.irakkam varAmal-behAg-rUpakam-gOpAlakrishna bhArati
9.tillAnA-nirOshtA-Adi-Madurai Sri.T.N.Seshagopalan

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nagraj said...

Mike testing 1,2,3 would be the ideal heading for this post. You became ’third time lucky’ on changing over to the 3rd mike. But, it lasted for about 25 minutes, just enough to see through chakkani raja. Again a change, just for a change. That day, I realized – Nothing is constant except change.

We wondered, why Patri was playing such a long thani ! Then, we realized you were in to animated singing. Real thani was nice. You could have resorted to mikeless concert, alas, these halls are not designed so.

Going by reputation, we opine, you must have sung well.

P.S. All above in lighter vein only