Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting ready for navarAthri...

Preparations at home for navarAthri kolu started today..The preliminary work of re-arranging the furniture at home, setting up the steps for the dolls, unpacking the dolls etc is indeed a time-consuming one. Tomorrow the festival starts. I have chosen a new theme for this year's kolu too. (last year's theme was arupadai veedu).

With concerts almost on every other day during navarAthri, it is indeed going to be very difficult managing everything, but then, the interest in trying out new themes and inviting people home during the festival makes me forget all the stress !

I shall post photos of the kolu and the theme in a few days..
Looking forward to the start of the festival.

Happy navarAthri to one and all !


Veena said...

Gayathri, good to hear about a new theme - dont keep us in suspense for too long!


Priya Ram said...

Hi Gayathri,

happy to see your concert schedule. All the best for all the concerts. and a happy navarathri to you and your family.

Lion Man said...

hi G,

congrats on the release of another cd.

enjoy the kolu.

Revanth said...

a very happy Navarathri to you!!
Good luck for your concerts and will be waiting for the song lists :)

SAI<=>MUSIC said...

GG mam,

Good luck with the new theme and the concerts that are coming up too!



shrinath said...

Hello mam. Im by the shrinath from Jaigopal Garodia school......... the kacheri u did on saturday was so nice mam. i was just so happy after listening to the songs.... especially songs like akilandeshwari rakashamam & Angayarkanni..I kindly need a help from u mam. It would be nice if u could send me the lyrics of akilandeshwari song mam. i would be much pleased if u could do this help 4 me mam.

Arvind said...

Hi, Saw the pictures of your kolu in Adyar times. Congratulations on winning the prize!!!!!!

Gayathri Girish said...

Hi Shrinath,
I will post lyrics by tomorrow evening.

Hi Arvind,
Thanks. Shall post in detail about the Kolu theme and photos in a few days.


Lion Man said...

Gayathri is the Kolu Queen !!!

pushkala said...

Eagerly awaiting photos of Golu and the special theme. I am sure you are very busy with music as well. The Golus were kept and Navarathri was celebrated in a big way here in bay area also.

pushkala said...

Congratulations on winning the prize. When I called my mother yesterday, they told me your golu won prize in Adayar Times.

Gayathri Girish said...

Hi Arvind and Pushkala,

Yes, we won the prize in the Kolu contest held by Adyar Times and also Bank of Baroda. There was another write-up in the Downtown supplement of the Hindu (dated 27/9/09). I shall scan that and post soon.

I am planning to post pictures along with a short writeup about the theme- my schedule continues to be crazy, hence the delay. Will do it very soon..

Glad to note that Kolu celebrations were grand in the Bay Area as well:-)

Sorry about not posting lyrics today-was out the entire day. Shall post it tomorrow.

Gayathri Girish

Veena said...

Gayathri, I was listening to a recent concert of yours (Chennai Navamanimalai). Fifteen years ago, a kacheri didnt include any explanations by the vidwan or vidushi about the song, or its significance. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear you discuss the song before you sang it. Its wonderful! It made the song much more meaningful, because I tried following along the lyrics with a little more interest.

Keep up the good work!

Congratulations on winning the best golu award!