Thursday, March 27, 2008

Four-Hour Concert-March 2008

Sanjeev- Poongulam Subramanian S.Karthick

I gave a four hour concert under the auspices of Sarvani Sangeetha Sabha, Chennai, on March 23rd, 2008.

The concert actually started at 4 p.m and ended at 8.30 p.m. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me that day !

Concerts in cities like Mumbai usually are for a duration of 3.5 to 4 hours, while such concerts are a little rare in Chennai.

You can go the following link to see a review of the above concert:


preeya said...

Hi Gayathri,

wow ! so many updates ! its a treat. happy to know your views and your feelings about your concerts. hope this flow of updates continues. and am so happy and proud of you. that you gave a four-hour concert ! really commendable. keep it up. may you achieve many more such milestones. am just curious to know why in all your concert snaps your face is not seen clearly :(

Sathej said...

Yes, we Chennai people always suffer from that drawback. Ideally, there shouldn't be something advertised as a 'four hour concert'. The average duration of a concert should be 4 hours. Hmm....if only wishes came true :) Pallavi singing becomes a formality in curtailed concerts.When artistes are willing to sing for this long, why don't Sabhas in Chennai have such long concerts? They can even cut down the number of concerts they hold and increase the duration (And thereby the quality, in my opinion) of concerts.

Sathej said...

I thought I left a comment here. Must have got marked as spam I guess.Anyway....
We people in Chennai are so unlucky when it comes to such concerts. They are such a rarity. Ideally speaking, a conceert should not be advertised as a 'four hour concert.'The average duration of a concert itself ought to be around 4 hours. Pallavi singing becomes a huge casualty in curtailed 2 hour concerts. Very sad. Hmm....if only wishes came true :)
When Rasikas are willing to stay through and when artistes are willing to sing, why don't Sabha people have more such concerts?? Infact, they can reduce the number of concerts and increase the average duration of a concert, thereby definitely giving a huge sense of satisfaction to both the Rasika and the artiste.

rama bommaraju said...

Dear GG:
I was in Chenai on Business and was absolutely blessed to come and listen to your wonderful music. I followed your music since your first CD- but never had a chance to see the live performance. I like the veluduttha kaiyye. My all time favorite. Thanks for the concert. may your voice remain strong and lovely for years to come and may your music fill people's hearts with joy and love

Anonymous said...

Dear GG:
I am a big fan of yoru music. I have listened to all your CDs. My favorite is Veluduttha Kaiyye. The CD on Ramanama was also very good.
I happened to be in Chenai for business that sunday and i saw the ad in the news paper- found the place and came and attended the 4 hour concert.
I loved it.
Many thanks.
May you be happy and make people's lives better with yourgreat voice and music.
Rama Bommaraju

Gayathri Girish said...

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed the concert. I remember- during the concert, I got a request note from the audience asking me to sing Veledutha Kaiye. Was it from you ?!

Please let me know when you are here again. If I have a concert during that period, I will definitely sing that song !


preeya said...

Hi Gayathri,

i always wanted to tell you this, it seems you have a soft corner for Lord Murugan :) though you have sung many songs, all your Murugan songs are really exceptional. like thirupparamkundra vela, shanmugapriya naayakan,veleduttha kaiye in neelambari. then Azhage Muruga in karnaranjani. saravana bhava, azhagu daivamaga in classical melodies, all your Murugan songs have a special magical touch !!. and oh yes, Arupadai Ksetra is just superb. again on Lord Murugan !!. anything special ??

priya ram

preeya said...

Hi Gayathri,

Finally got to listen to Rama Namam of yours with amutham music. must say all the three cds neelambari, karnaranjani and rama naamam are superb. very happy on having all three with me. ofcourse love other cds too.

in Rama Namam i espcially loved sugunamule,chalamelara, nannu vidachi,kalyanarama and jayarama. rest of the songs are also good. same soft voice of yours which i love. my heart-felt wishes to you. may you achieve success in all your endeavours.

and would like to say i have been noticing your snaps on all the CD covers. and i really love your snap on karnaranjani and Rama Namam. just wanted to share with you !!

priya ram

Sankar said...

Hi Gayathri,

Have been following up on your blogs for a while now. Its feels nice to read a professional musician write some real good english besides being tech savvy in terms of hosting concert schedules in Goog Calendar etc.. Way to go !

BTW am trying to bring something to your attention that is tangential to this blog post of yours.

Did you read this piece of news-item on The Hindu yesterday :

Its the story of Shyama Sastry's descendants living in abject poverty.

How sick that is ? We see people who survive solely relying on the earnings that come by way of giving concerts, recording cassettes, conducting music classes etc, perhaps using Shyama Sastry's compositions..

But here, the life condition of the direct descendants of our carnatic music doyen is in a dilapidated state.

I just thought, as a leading musician you could perhaps make more people in your circle aware of this and perhaps do something for their cause as well.

Good Luck with your performances.




I still recall your awesome performance at Adambakkam in 1998, esp.. the "Shri Krishnam Bhajamaanam"(thodi), that you sang with current off and in pitch darkness.

Gayathri Girish said...

Hi Mr.Sankar,

It has been indeed disheartening to see the pathetic living conditions of the descendants of Syama Sastri.

Some of us, as artistes have already taken steps to extend our help to the affected families.I think,as artistes,it is our duty to do whatever best we can, to support their families.

And, thanks for being a regular visitor to my blog !

I will be updating the calendar with my forthcoming concerts. Please do attend whenever convenient.