Friday, August 17, 2007

Gayathri at New Delhi: 15-AUG-2007

Accompanied by K.L.N.Sastry-Kumbakonam Padmanabhan-Ramamurthy


preeya said...

Yet an another excellent performance from Gayathri. a well-attended concert and i would like to share this.

after the concert, it was snacks time. as i came out of the hall, the general opinion of people there was that each and every song was good, well chosen. Gayathri's rendition touched many. some felt they did not know how time passed. the program had to come to a close but Gayathri, you really left people wanting for more !!.

hoping to see you soon in delhi again.

Sathej said...

Good to know that your concert was so well received. 'Left people wanting for more',that is what is the sign of a successful concert. Great. Keep it up.

Sathej said...

Nice concert of yours today at Vedanta Desikar Temple. Surprise main - Lalitha. Nice Mayamalava Gowlai and post main pieces.

preeya said...

Hi Gayathri,

i went to a new mall here. they have a good collection of carnatic music cds. i ordered for your cd venugaanam which came here in a few days. so please keep updating your new releases. i can get it easily here!!

in Venugaanam, I just loved your rendition of swagatham krishna and kanna vaa. ur rendition of jagadodharana is so full of bhava !! feel like listening to it again & again. Gaayathi vanamali is another great song rendered well by you.

but krishna nee begane was ok. and pullai piravi sounded different. ur voice sounds different in some songs.

In ur cd neelambari, nee indha mayam,tirupparakundra vela sounds different and better than your voice in pullai piravi. just my humble opinion. i may be wrong.

overall, i am so happy that i got venugaanam here. and also, i was looking for paalvadiyum mugham and kuzhaloodhi manamellam in venugaanam. if you record these songs in any cd, please do mention it in ur blog. i would love to listen to your rendition. all the best for all your future endeavours.

preeya said...

Congratulations to Gayathri for winning an award (Kalainirai Mamani)from Tamil Nadu Music college !! by the way congratulations also for gathering maximum number of votes in a survey conducted by Aananda Vikatan !!
Gayathri keep it up, and please update the blog writing about such marvellous milestones.

Sindhu said...

Hi Gayathri .

wow what a nice blog .. I just happen to come across .. will be ur visitor here on

All the Best for your New concerts/assignments!


preeya said...

Hi Gayathri,

i got to listen to two cds of yours, Aarupadai Kshetra and classical melodies. i wish i could give a better feedback, but still would like to share this with you.

till now, my favourites were neelambari and karnarnajani of yours, but now your Aarupadai Kshetra is also in the list. it is just superb. very soft voice and good voice control in the lower octaves too.

i loved kunram kudi, tanigai, nanjamunda and Anjaadhe. very nice to listen to the same voice which i love just as in neelambari and karnaranjani.

classical melodies was good too. especially saraseeruhasana priye, saadinchane, saravana bhava and paayum oli were very nice. feel like listening to them over and over again. just a humble opinion, in the lower octaves i wished your voice was a bit soft, like in bantureethi kolu in classical melodies.

your voice in the higher octaves is excellent. it fills me with yearning for God. great voice. i am very happy.

As for Aarupadai Kshetra, it has everything. soft voice, voice control, excellent in lower octaves too.

i am very happy and look forward to listening to more of you. my heartfelt wishes to you. keep up the good work and all the best for all your future endeavours.

priya ram

Sathej said...

A nice concert today. Good to see the crowd. Kumudakriya was really great. Heard an elaboration just three days back by Shri TNS at the same venue. Nice to hear it again. Always my favourite. I have a recording of Shri Parur Sundaram Iyer and MSG playing Ardhanarishwaram after a 10min Alapanai.Have been lamenting that no one sings it these days. No wonder many couldn't identify.Of course, almost everyone near me got it right after the Raga Mudra. Except for a Mama who stunned me after the song by asking if it was Brindavana Saranga!!
And the main Akshayalinga Vibho was nice too. Was expecting more detailed Swarams.
The Virutham was just great.The Nadanamakriya which I always understand as Mayamalava Gowlai in Madhyama Shruthi (may not be very correct, I know) was touching. Made the wait worth it.
Ganesh Prasad played very well. Especially during the Vasantha Neraval and cretain places in Alapanais, he showed clear glipmses of Parur style. Shankarabharanam showed the VVS touch anyway.
Good that I got to record the concert. Wish I had bought it earlier. Better late than never. Technology has its uses after all (though I am not an admirer). Its nice to know that its as simple as pressing a button to record a concert and then being in a position to listen to it anywhere anytime. The format too makes it a compressed audio file and one can even email it to others to share....

Gayathri Girish said...

Thanks! Sorry for such a delayed reply ! Updates on the blog will be more frequent from now on :-) The last three months have been very hectic.

Glad you liked those albums..My concert at Music Academy in December 2006 has been released by Rajalakshmi Audio. Hope you get to listen to that too!

Yes, I always like the ambience at Rathnagireeshwarar temple and enjoy singing there.I will start a new post on this concert shortly.