Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Concert on 9th June,2007

The concert for "Shanmukhapriya" at Swamys Hall, Mandhaveli on the 9th of June was a very well attended one..I personally enjoyed singing Mamava Satatam (Jaganmohini) and Brovavamma (Manji).
Majority of the audience stayed on till the end, listening in rapt attention.

Accompanists in this concert were Sri.V.Sanjeev on the violin, Sri.Poongulam Subramanian on the Mridangam and Sri.S.Karthick on the Ghatam.

You can go the following link to see a review of the above concert:

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Sathej said...

Good idea to put up a picture along with the details.It reminds people of the occasion.
It was indeed a nice concert.