Sunday, April 1, 2007

Earlier Albums

I have given several audio albums in the past for Recording Companies like:

1. Carnatic Vocal- Margam Series -HMV
2. Carnatic Vocal - HMV
3. Carnatic Vocal - INRECO
4. Carnatic Vocal - AVM
5. Swaraadesham - Kalavardhani
6. Devi Krithis - Kalavardhani
7. Sunaadha Soundaryam - Sangeetha
8. Vande Vaasudevam - Sangeetha
9. Captivating Melodies - Sangeetha
10.Compositions of Trinity - Sangeetha
11. Carnatic Vocal - Sargam
12. Explosions- Fusion Album - Volume 1- Kosmic Music
13. Explosions- Fusion Album - Volume 2- Kosmic Music
14. LAYAM- Rhythmic Ecstasies - Music Today
15. Ultimate - Fusion Album - Kosmic Music
16. Karnaranjani - Amutham-Tamil melodies with orchestration
17. Neelambari - Amutham-Tamil melodies in the usual concert format
18. Rama Namam - Amutham-Thematic album comprising of songs on Rama


Sathej said...

I know that I am in no way qualified to give you a suggestion. Nevertheless,I proceed to do so as a Rasika.
Many young Carnatic music Vidwans/Vidushis of today are being attracted to Fusion Music and the like.It is my humble view that it takes more than a lifetime to master Carnatic music alone.If a musician turns his attention to films/Fusion, his Carnatic music is bound to get affected.Performing gimmicks on the stage becomes their style and their music is no longer divine.
Doing fusion at a young age impedes one's progress in the Carnatic scene.You have a nice voice and with a legend as your Guru,you can scale great heights in future with a focussed attitude.
Once again,I reiterate my incompetence to give such advice and these represent my personal views only.If there is any flaw,I request you be generous enough to excuse it.

Gayathri Girish said...

I really appreciate the genuine concern expressed by you and I personally thank you for your suggestions.I do agree with your views that it takes more than a lifetime to master Carnatic Music alone.

Each of the above stated fusion albums feature several artistes and I have sung just one song in each of them.I have sung regular krithis that we sing in concerts, in the usual style,without any compromise even on the number of Sangathis.In one of them, I have also sung a short Tanam.

It is only in the instrumental interludes in the song, that other flavours or styles of music have been brought in.

While working on the album,I doubly made sure that there would be no compromise on the Carnatic style in my singing- because,as a Carnatic musician,I too sincerely feel that it is our humble duty to maintain the divinity of our music and always stick to our tradition.

I have always had it as a principle to try out small innovations, strictly only within the boundaries of tradition. This album was only an experimental venture.

Thanks again for your feedback.Do feel free to write your comments here,anytime!

Sathej said...

I appreciate your principle of 'sticking within boundaries'.That is very important for all Carnatic musicians to understand.
Again,it is laudable that you find some time off to maintain a nice blog!
It is quite a dry season now for Kutcheris in Chennai(apart from the weather!).Everybody is busy in Cleavland.Looking forward to a more active season in June.

Gayathri Girish said...

Yes, the music season is indeed dry now..!! June will be only slightly better I guess !!

Anyway, we need this kind of time to learn more Krithis, practise and work on the "already learnt" ones, so that we would, always, have something fresh and better to offer, to Rasikas like you !!

Sathej said...

True,very true!A musician need time to practise.Papa KS Venkataramiah sometimes even refused concerts because they cut down on practice time.
By the way,I was very confused with Music India.I tried to listen to some of your clippings-but it showed only one Nagumomu(as part of Ultimate).Only today,I have discovered that other renditions are listed under S.Gayathri!I have listened so far to Bhairavi and Ganamurthi. They are really nice!Especially, Bhairavi has been rendered with great care not to stray into Mukhari and the Raga Lakshanams have been nicely outlined in the beginnning itself sans ambiguity.I'll listen to the others pretty soon-especially Thodi!Next time I go Carnatic music-shopping,I'll make sure to pick up some of your cassettes.
And just curious!Do you have any concerts lined up in June?

Gayathri Girish said...

True, a few of my earlier albums as "S.Gayathri" (Gayathri Srinivasan earlier) and the later ones as Gayathri Girish might have been slightly misleading !

There are Krithis in Thodi in two albums - Sri Krishnam Bhaja Manasa in one, and Veleduththa Kaiye (Periaswami Thooran's composition) in the other. Another of my forthcoming albums has yet another Thodi!

Regarding concerts in June'07 in Chennai, I have one on the 9th and the other on the 23rd.I promise to post the details of the same by tonight !

Sathej said...

I listened to a few more of your renditions today.
a)Vaancha Thonuna in Karnaranjani:
A good rendition of the Krithi.Being from the TNS tradition, the Muthiah Bhagavathar Krithi is sung with nice Bhava.
As I mentioned earlier,the Bhairavi is crisp.The Ragam and Neraval are too short-one of the drawbacks of recorded music.Nevertheless,good portrayal of a great Ragam.
c)Ramathe Yamuna-Revathi:
First time I am hearing a Jayadevar piece in Revathi.It was nice and reminded me of MS Amma's Nanati Baduku Natakamu.
A nice rendition again.Fairly good control over the Melsthayi.
e)Seethama Maayamma-Vasantha:
Nice Prayogams.
f)Shri Krishnam Bhaja Manasa-Thodi:
The immortal Krithi always reminds me of Shri TNS.The Ragam at the beginning was again short but had all requisite Raga Lakshanams.The Swarams were vintage TNS especially when you dwell on the Madhyamam with GGMM, GMDMDMM and NDMDMM.The Gamakam style on Pa at certain places also had shades of TNS.
And a general observation.In your Swarams, you generally seem to avoid complicated Kanakku unlike Shri TNS and your Korvais are generally simple.It is a good move to keep them simple usually as not many would understand mathematical complications.But,atleast in one piece in a concert,say the main piece, you could try some unusual Kanakku.
I spent the afternoon listening to Shri TNS' RTPs in Dwijavanthi and Malahari and Shri Krishnam - Thodi.And later when I listen to your Thodi,the resemblance was striking.A more detailed Ragam and Neraval(I am sure you would do them in a Kutcheri scenario) would enhance your recitals.
Overall,you have imbibed several facets of the TNS Bani and seem all set to carry it forward.
By the way, this is not a review as I am not that competent enough to do formal reviews.These are merely my impressions after listening.
Wishing you all the best,

Gayathri Girish said...

Nice to note that you could take some time off to listen to a few of my recordings. Time constraint is definitely a drawback in the pre-recorded tapes.So,we are forced to give only a gist of the alapana, neraval or swaram while singing..
And, yeah, regarding mathematical calculations,I do attempt a little in almost all my concerts, atleast in the main piece. And, many rasikas, like you, welcome this aspect !!

You have keenly observed many details in the Thodi! I always try and attempt to give a judicious mix of melody, grace, kanakku and bhaavam in my renditions.

Layam is so beautifully inbuilt in our system of music and its so much pleasure to explore our music to great depths and ultimately, present this divine art form in a way, that would touch everyone's soul.. I guess that is ultimate bliss.

Hoping to see you soon in my concerts.

Anonymous said...

HEllo Gayathri,

I was wondering why one of your best albums has not found mention in your blog- the "Sri Rajeshwari Anthadhi". It was a wonderfully enriching experience just listening to it- beautiful ragas embellishing the lyrics, excellent tonal quality, and above all perfect diction. An ardent devotee of the mighty Goddess, as well as being an ardent Tamil aficionado, this album has been like manna or me. Keep up the good work and may God be with you!

Anonymous said...

This is to apologise for a typing error in the second last line of my previous posting. It should have read "for" me and not or!! Incidentally, I attended your concert at Swamy's hall amd I must congragulate you for the effort. It was an immensely gratifying performance. The Simhendramadhymam and Kambodi alapanas were truly outstanding. The humble Pamarajana was given an exalted status and how....

Gayathri Girish said...

Regarding "Sri Rajarajeswari Anthadi" CD recording of mine, it has been mentioned in another section in the blog, namely, "My Latest Albums". Very glad to note that you enjoyed it.

It was a challenging task to sing all those Ragas, with a lot of perfection coupled with all the embellishments. A very fulfilling experience for me indeed..


priya ram said...

Your album Swaradesham is too good. Listened to it on youtube. Padmanabha is ver soothing. Also other songs. Hope to get the CD one day.....when i come to chennai.

Keep it up !